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Pakistan’s forthcoming elections: Dubious role of Deep State

New Delhi. 13 July 2018. The powerful ‘Deep State’ of Pakistan which controls the politics of the country has diluted the political parties with ulterior motive. The general elections areRead more ›

India-Nepal-China : A sandwich Nepal enjoys being in!

PM Oli is exploiting anti-India feelings but knows Nepal cannot progress without India  New Delhi. 04 July 2018. When it comes to the Himalayas the trinity of India-Nepal-China seems theRead more ›

Singapore Summit: No real winners

By Suresh Somu Singapore. 22 June 2018. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un returned home to a hero’s welcome from his historic summit talks with President Donald Trump. Analysts sayRead more ›

US Secretary of State gives a jolt to Pakistan Army Chief

By JK Verma Asked  Pakistan to take action against terrorists without differentiating between good and bad  New Delhi. 10 June 2018. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo whoRead more ›

Normandy Landings : The most enigmatic chapter of World War II

   By Sangeeta Saxena New Delhi. 06 June 2018. What do the British 6th Airborne Division, British I Corps, 3rd British Infantry Division, British 27th Armoured Brigade, 3rdRead more ›

Securing Ladakh – The Bald Head

By Brig. Vijay Atray Manali. 02 June 2018. Was it not after independence that a discussion took place in Indian Parliament as to why should we deploy troops andRead more ›

Salute To Soldiers

Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw : The no-nonsense and most remembered Indian soldier

New Delhi.  Field Marshal Shamsherji Hormusji Framji Jamshedji Manekshaw, MC (4 April 1914 – 27 June 2008), popularly known as Sam Bahadur (“Sam the Brave”), was an IndianRead more ›

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ADU welcomes 2018 with a big thank you

New Delhi. 01January 2018. Yet another year has passed since the inception of ADU .It is thus time for a critique and set pace for the year to come.Read more ›