Sheikh Hasina  Defence Minister BangladeshUrsula von der Leyen  Defence Minister GermanyNosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula  Defence Minister South Africa Marise Payne  Defence Minister Australia Ank Bijleveld  Defence Minister NetherlandsFlorence Parly  Defence Minister FranceMarina Pendeš  Defence Minister Bosnia and HerzegovinaAndreja Katič  Defence Minister SloveniaNirmala Sitharaman  Defence Minister IndiaRadmila Šekerinska  Defence Minister Macedonia Roberta Pinotti  Defence Minister ItalyOlta Xhaçka  Defence Minister AlbaniaMaría Dolores de Cospedal  Defence Minister Spain

By Team ADU

New Delhi. 08 March 2018.  Seventeen women world over have broken the strong male bastion and have turned out to be as good if not better than their male predecessors. These are the Ministers of defence in 17 countries. Matters military which were considered to be a man’s prerogative are now being handed over to the able and knowledgeable women who have the strength and the brains to manage the forces, understand their needs and ensure that the nation’s  security a top priority. Traditionally, this part of the cabinet has been given to a male in the past, but quite recently the trend has been changing and more and more women are coming at the front to play the role in the most efficient way.

The first woman to have been given the responsibility was Sirimavo Bandaranaik, who was the then Prime Minister of Ceylon in 1960s. These women at the helm of ministry of defence of their nations.

1. Sheikh Hasina Bangladesh Asia   6 January 2009 Incumbent  9 years, 58 days
2. Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula South Africa Asia   12 June 2012 Incumbent  5 years, 266 days
3. Martha Elena Ruiz Sevilla Nicaragua South America  4 March 2013 Incumbent  5 years, 1 day
4. Raychelle Omamo Kenya Africa  15 May 2013 Incumbent  4 years, 294 days
5. Ursula von der Leyen Germany Europe 17 December 2013 Incumbent 4 years, 78 days
6. Roberta Pinotti Italy Europe 22 February 2014 Incumbent 4 years, 11 days
7. Marina Pendeš Bosnia and Herzegovina Europe 11 February 2015 Incumbent 3 years, 22 days
8. Andreja Katič Slovenia Europe  13 May 2015 Incumbent 2 years, 296 days
9. Marise Payne Australia Oceania  21 September 2015 Incumbent 2 years, 165 days
10. María Dolores de Cospedal Spain Europe 4 November 2016 Incumbent 1 year, 121 days
11. Radmila Šekerinska Macedonia Republic of Europe 1 June 2017 Incumbent  277 days
12. Florence Parly France Europe 21 June 2017 Incumbent  257 days
13. Nirmala Sitharaman India Asia 3 September 2017 Incumbent 183 days
14. Olta Xhaçka  Albania Europe 11 September 2017 Incumbent 175 days
15. Marie-Noëlle Koyara Central African Republic Africa 12 September 2017 Incumbent  174 days
16. Ank Bijleveld Netherlands Europe 26 October 2017 Incumbent 130 days
17. Karla Šlechtová  Czech Republic Europe 13 December 2017 Incumbent 82 days