New Delhi. 30 Oct 2017. In an unscheduled Hot Line requested by Pakistan, Indian Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) Lt Gen AK Bhatt spoke to his counterpart at 1400h today. Pak DGMO alleged that Indian security forces had resorted to unprovoked firing along the Line of Control. Lt Gen AK Bhatt emphatically stated that retaliatory firing by Indian troops has only been carried out in response to unabated support given by Pak Army to armed terrorists who infiltrate across the border and target Indian Army posts with heavy caliber weapons. It is in response to such actions that Indian Army troops retaliate.

DGMO further clarified that Indian Army always maintains impeccable standards of professionalism and does not target civilians. On the contrary Pak Army, has employed civilians at the forward posts and accorded permission for permanent locations of civilians in the vicinity of Pak Army posts. These civilians have repeatedly been used for gaining information of our locations and providing guides to the terrorists while crossing the LC.

Lt Gen AK Bhatt impressed upon the Pak DGMO that while Indian Army will continue efforts to ensure peace and tranquility on the borders, however, support provided to terrorists while crossing LC by Pak Army is the prime reason for any collateral damage and is attributed to Pak Army aiding infiltration across the LC. He reiterated that this support to terrorism by Pak Army is unacceptable and the Indian Army will continue to take all retaliatory measures as well as retain the right to punitively respond to such provocative acts of aggression from Pak side in future too.