Goa. 22 March, 2016. The following exhibitors in the U.S. International Pavilion at DefExpo 2016 invite media to inquire about their products and services:

Booth # 3.2.1-K
KVH (NASDAQ: KVHI) Introduces FOG-based Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) for Demanding Unmanned and Autonomous Applications
The rugged systems are designed to deliver continuous, highly accurate position, navigation, and control information for a wide variety of platforms, even when GNSS is unavailable

The new KVH GEO-FOG™ 3D inertial navigation system (INS) offers roll, pitch, and heading accuracies of .05° for demanding applications in unmanned, autonomous, and manned aerial, ground, marine, and subsurface platforms. This INS is based on KVH’s high-performance fiber optic gyro technology combined with centimeter-level precision RTK GNSS receivers and advanced sensor fusion algorithms. GEO-FOG 3D product line offers solutions that provide continual, ultra-accurate position, velocity, and attitude measurements in the most demanding environments.

Target Markets: Unmanned systems’ navigation and control; Attitude, Heading and Reference System; Geo-referencing
Contact: Jill Connors, Media and Communications Manager, KVH Industries, Middletown, RI, +1-401-851-3824;jconnors@kvh.com

Booth # 3.2.1-D
Quantum3D to Feature New Look and New Array of Training and Simulation Products at DefExpo India 2016

Quantum3D, Inc., a leading provider of training and simulation solutions for government and commercial applications, announced that it will be at DefExpo 2016 (U.S. International Pavilion) showcasing its industry leading products. “As long as the safety and lives of many depend on the best possible training, Quantum3D will continue to provide the best simulation technologies, solutions and training services to the commercial, civil and defense markets worldwide,” said Pratish Shah, president and CEO, Quantum3D.

Target Markets: Training, Simulation, Technology
Contact: Scott MacDougall, Marketing Manager, Quantum3D, San Jose, CA, +1-408-600-2562; smacdougall@quantum3d.com

Booth # 3.1.1-B
901D Introduces New Digital Tables for Naval Applications
Based on designs fielded and proven by the U.S. Navy for navigation and anti-submarine warfare applications

In partnership with local entities, 901D is announcing the launch of a new line of digital tables for shipboard applications. Based on proven designs used by the U.S. Navy, the modular line of digital tables are tailored to the requirements of foreign navy’s and maritime fleets for use across a wide range of applications including navigation, plotting, C4ISR, mapping, training and exploration. The LCD-based solution can be customized to application specific requirements

Target Markets: Naval Surface Ships, Navigation, C4ISR
Contact: Frank Duvergne, General Manager, 901D, LLC, Tallman, NY, +1-845-369-1111; frank.duvergne@901d.com

Booth # 3.2.2-B
Orbital ATK (NYSE: OA) to Showcase Defense Products and Capabilities During DefExpo 2016
Orbital ATK to display Bushmaster® Chain Guns®, Precision Guidance for Artillery & Mortars, Medium & Large Caliber Ammunition and Barrier Systems

DefExpo 2016 provides Orbital ATK the opportunity to highlight products and services available to U.S. – allied nations seeking a sovereign defense capability encompassing ground, air and sea platforms. From products to transfer of technology and co-production, Orbital ATK is committed to partnering to meet the needs of our allies.

Target Markets: Transfer of Technology, Precision Guidance, Ammunition
Contact: Sara Behr, Communications, Orbital ATK, Plymouth, MN, +1-763-744-5370; sara.behr@orbitalatk.com

Booth # 3.2.1-M
Airborne Systems Develops New Guidance Unit
MicroFly II arriving at booth 3.2.1-M

Airborne Systems proudly presents Microfly II® as the latest edition to their inventory of GPS precision guided aerial delivery systems. MicroFly II® is designed to fly autonomously to its pre-programmed target area without external guidance. It can also be used to accompany HALO/HAHO teams or resupplying troops on the ground. This ability reduces the need for vehicular traffic and therefore reduces the number of convoys required to sustain a deployed military force on the ground.

Target Markets: Aerospace, Aerial Delivery, Cargo Resupply
Contact: Maria Holman, Marketing Communications Coordinator, Airborne Systems, Pennsauken, NJ, +1-856-382-2780;maria.holman@airborne-sys.com

Booth # 3.1.1-C2
India Can Make It . . .
Star Hentzen Coatings Pvt Ltd is a joint venture of Star Paint & Oil Industries, India and Hentzen Coating, Inc. USA

At 51%, Indian Shareholding SHCPL qualifies for offset as well as MAKE IN INDIA program thus saving huge foreign exchange, zero lead time, zero MOQ, delays from tedious import procedure & similar advantages. With large outsourcing of OE parts & equipment from India by aircraft manufacturers, SHCPL an important source and valuable vendor in the supply chain.

Target Markets: Defense Equipment & Vehicles, Shelters, NBC Shelters
Contact: Nilesh Doshi, Director, Star Hentzen Coatings Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, India, 91-982-0135054; sales@starhentzen.com

Booth # 3.2.1-F
GE (NYSE: GE) Engine Technologies for Next-Generation Indian Air Force and Naval Programs

GE Aviation showcases its F404/F414 aircraft engines that power the Indian Air Force’s Light Combat Aircraft Tejas, the 2016 anticipated completion of F414-INS6 development for LCA Tejas Mk II, and upcoming technology transfer to HAL for this engine production. Other highlights include GE’s marine propulsion systems and services, ideal for the Indian Navy’s P17A stealth frigate and P71 aircraft carrier programs. GE’s marine gas turbines can be configured in mechanical, electric and hybrid drive arrangements.

Target Markets: Aircraft, Surface Combatants, Aircraft Carriers
Contact: Dave Daniels, Sales, Europe, India, Middle East, GE Aviation, Cincinatti, OH, +1-513-552-4278;dave_daniels@ge.com

Booth # 3.1.1-B
NEW NVIS Rugged 10″ Panel PC for Army Forces
MILCOTS introduces the URP10XG-HDM 10in panel PC for army ground vehicles at DefExpo 2016

The MILCOTS URP10XG-HDM is the latest model of the URP (Ultra Rugged Panels) family. The URP10XG-HDM is designed to survive shock, vibration, humidity and the most extreme conditions encountered in Ground Army vehicles. Built around an Intel quad core ULV processor of the latest generation, this unit can be configured to address the I/O needs of any application. The enhanced LCD is proposed in day / night modes and is NVIS MIL STD 3009 compliant.

Target Markets: Ground Army Vehicles, Navy Consoles, Rugged Panel PCs
Contact: John Aldon, President, MILCOTS, Airmont, NY, +1-201-280-2359; john.aldon@milcots.com

Booth # 3.2.1-C
Datapath Launches New QCT90 Man-Portable Satellite Terminal Combining News Gathering Speed with Military Ruggedness
Lightweight Antenna System is Easiest and Quickest to Deploy in Its Class

DataPath, Inc., a leading provider of remote field communications and information technology solutions to the aerospace, government, broadcast, and infrastructure markets, today announced its latest innovation — the DataPath QCT90. The all new lightweight, man-portable satellite terminal is 90 cm in diameter, and weighs only 20.6 kg. The QCT90 is available in configurations for both military and commercial markets, and is designed for single person carry and easy set-up.

Target Markets: Surveillance, Communications
Contact: Hans-Fredrik Bengtsson, Director, Sales and Business Development, DataPath International, Stockholm, Sweden, +1-678-597-0300; Hans-Fredrik.Bengtsson@datapath.com

Booth # 3.2.1-B
Esterline to Showcase Codis Displays and Racal Acoustics Communications Equipment at DefExpo India 2016 in Goa
With facilities in Bangalore, Coimbatore and Delhi, Esterline supports with direct investments the Make in India program

Esterline will display its Codis line of rugged visualization solutions and Racal Acoustics range of high-performance communications equipment at DefExpo India (stand 3.2.1-B; U.S. International Pavilion). Esterline’s facilities across India demonstrate its ongoing commitment to the Make in India government program supporting companies to manufacture in India.Esterline’s Codis and Racal Acoustics brands provide specific capabilities that can support the Battlefield Management System and Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicle programs of the Indian MoD.

Target Markets: Indian MoD, Indian and allied navies and armies, FICV program
Contact: Peggy Keene, Marketing and Communications Director, Esterline, Everett, WA, +1-425-297-9700;peggy.keene@esterline.com