Trent EnginesNew Delhi. 07 March. 2018. As India’s air traffic continues to grow, airlines are seeking larger aircraft to manage ever-increasing passenger volumes so that they can offer a better and consistent experience to passengers while maximising efficiency.

In line with our vision to pioneer the power that matters to our customers, we are well-positioned to offer the right combination of experience and new technologies to contribute towards building a sustainable aviation industry in India. Our Trent engines, powering leading widebody aircraft, offer a combination of fuel efficiency, reliability and environmental performance.

We first introduced the Trent engine into service in the 1990s, which continued to feature our unique three-shaft engine architecture. Since then we have made continuous improvements across each of our Trent engines so that they are more fuel-efficient, more cost-effective to own and maintain, as well as have greater time on-wing. Using advanced technology, our Trent engines have continually become more fuel efficient, offering customers substantial cost savings, and have also reduced both emissions and noise.

Proven capability

Rolls-Royce powered aircraft have demonstrated their capability across a wide variety of operations across the globe, from low-cost carriers to full-service airlines, and from short-haul domestic and regional operations through to ultra-long range inter-continental operations.

Best for Challenging Operations

Our Trent engines have undergone rigorous ground and flight tests in the extreme operating conditions. They have demonstrated their unrivalled durability in challenging environments ranging from the hot and sandy Middle East to the hot and high operations typically found across mountainous regions of Central Asia and South America.

  • Our Trent 7000 which will power the Airbus A330neo into service this year, is not only 6dB quieter than the Trent 700, which powers the Airbus A330, it also features a 10% specific fuel consumption improvement.
  • The latest version of the Trent 1000 incorporates technologies from the Trent XWB and Advance engine programmes contributing to the Dreamliner achieving a 20 per cent greater efficiency than the aircraft it replaces, as well as having half the noise footprint of previous-generation aircraft.
  • The Trent XWB is the world’s most efficient large aero engine flying today, and includes advanced materials and the latest fan system technology. It balances fuel efficiency and life cycle costs while delivering weight savings and improved aerodynamics. The Trent XWB is also the fastest selling widebody jet engine ever, with over 1,700 engines ordered by 45 customers.

With a strong track record of delivering outstanding performance and reliability, our Trent engines are the ideal choice to meet the requirements of growing aviation sector and support the transformation of aviation landscape in India.