• Award-winning software solutions tech company tlmNexus launches a new service with Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) – the Damage and Repair Tracker (DaRT). 

Brighton, UK. 16 August 2019. Tech firm tlmNexus has been working with DE&S for more than 10 years, and as a long-term supplier to the organisation, it understands the crucial importance of mapping where and when incidences of damage and the associated repairs occur to military aircraft. tlmNexus specialises in producing managed through-life services and tools for supporting the management of high-value equipment in the defence sector, and in 2018 received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for the innovation in the way that systems are managed.

When structural specialists from DE&S sought to improve systems for tracking damage and repairs to aircraft, tlmNexus developed a secure web-based solution: Damage and Repair Tracker (DaRT).  DaRT enables an entire system’s damage and repair instances to be recorded and tracked by multiple users.  This includes tracking associated removable parts across the fleet.

Being former RAF engineers, members of the tlmNexus team appreciate the requirement for the precise nature of technical records involved in managing safety and airworthiness throughout the life of an aircraft.  By discussing the client’s requirements, the team identified a method of tracking to visualise the precise location of any damage and repairs which occur over a period of time.  

A key feature of the DaRT system is that it enables maintenance and support personnel to visualise parts of an aircraft and identify instances of damage and repairs that occur in specific areas.  

By providing a visual representation of the issues, DaRT allows the user to assess and manage risk by collaborating securely online with other specialists.  The benefits of DaRT include potentially reduced maintenance costs, improved safety through identifying areas of concern on an individual aircraft as well as across the fleet, and influencing improvement in future designs.

Phil White, Head of Business Relationships at tlmNexus said, “Maintaining a fleet of aircraft is a complex process.  We have been working with DE&S over a period of time, to provide a solution.  It has been a rewarding and collaborative exercise and we are excited about the future innovation and application of this service.”

The DaRT solution can be applied to a wide range of equipment across the MOD as well as to international defence organisations and to equipment in civilian environments.

DaRT is one of several web-based tools developed by tlmNexus to align people, processes and information, to bring better value for money, work-flow efficiency and compliance to high-value systems with a long life expectancy.