• Tech company builds on Queen’s Award for Innovation success by signing contract with Ministry of Defence to supply Airworthiness Issue Management System (AIMS).

London. 18 May 2019. UK tech company tlmNexus provides through-life acquisition and support management solutions for the Defence sector, specialising in the delivery of innovative defence-focused software services. It is now delighted to announce the award of a two-year contract with the Ministry of Defence’s Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) to supply an Airworthiness Issue Management System (AIMS) for a number of the MoD’s aircraft fleets.

tlmNexus was recognised with a Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2018 for developing the Resolve issue management application which is used to support the management of equipment safety in the air environment.  The company has a 10 year track record of developing secure systems to manage and maintain airworthiness and safety data for MoD aircraft.

Under the new contract, tlmNexus will continue to support the delivery of an airworthiness issue management capability to DE&S and Defence.  The service extends from the front line through to industry and is also involved in the support of deployed operations providing greater transparency for everyone involved in the process of managing airworthiness in aircraft.

Tony Harris, Commercial Director from tlmNexus says, “The AIMS contract follows the successful delivery of the Company’s Resolve issue management Software-as-a-Service over a number of years.  Following the initial launch in 2008 the system supports the management of a number of MoD’s aircraft fleets.  The contract enables us to continue to invest in our airworthiness expertise supporting a mutual goal of better understanding and management of airworthiness and safety.”  

The services and products in the Company’s portfolio are designed to evolve in-line with the ever-changing airworthiness and safety environment.