Tom Curtin TMD USA Vice President BD
Tom Curtin: ‘A valued team addition’.

Baltimore, Maryland. 17 November 2017. TMD Technologies, LLC (TMD USA) has appointed Tom Curtin to the position of Vice President, Sales & Business Development.
North American expansion …

Commenting on the new appointment, Mike Farley, CEO of TMD USA, said; “Tom brings extensive hands-on experience in dealing directly with our DoD US armed forces and aerospace/defense prime contractors involved with radar, test equipment, and EW/ECM systems. As an industry veteran with over 25 years of technical sales and business development experience in the electronic design, manufacture and test industry, Tom is a welcome and valued team addition to our on-going expansion strategy and presence in North America”.

“For a relatively new company, TMD USA has made tremendous progress”, said Tom Curtin, “supplying top class microwave transmitter products to our US DoD and aerospace/defense customers. Our London-based UK parent, with an unbeatable heritage dating back to the 1940s, provides the industry leadership, focus on quality and technical know-how that’s required to develop elite TWT based and solid-state microwave products. TMD’s product diversity and custom design capability are well positioned to address the most demanding land, air, and sea power applications.”

TMD USA is seeing increased demand for higher power and higher frequency transmitters (Ka band and up) in small-form factor platforms. Recent TMD product developments are addressing these requirements providing improvements in power efficiency, low noise, and compact design.

The company is also experiencing rapid growth within its new line of modular instrumentation amplifiers, notably our latest TWT based, highly intelligent, modular PTCM Series amplifiers. Providing state-of-the art high power solutions for our customers engaged in critical EMC test and certification procedures is a TMD core competence.

With a heritage dating back to the 1940s, TMD Technologies Limited (TMD) is a world class designer and manufacturer of professional microwave and RF products. At the company headquarters in Hayes, West London it produces specialised transmitters, amplifiers, microwave power modules (MPMs), high voltage power supplies and microwave tubes for radar, EW and communications applications. A previous twice Queen’s Award winner, it also produces a range of advanced instrumentation microwave amplifiers for EMC testing, scientific and medical applications.