Greenwich, London. 12 September 2017Thermoteknix Systems Ltd is adding new products to its range of image intensifier, thermal imaging and fused night vision equipment at DSEI this year.

TiCAM 1000B
 is a new bi-ocular multi-function thermal imager with Laser Range Finder, GPS, Digital Magnetic Compass and real-time in-camera recording. Lightweight and compact TiCAM 1000B is based on the Thermoteknix MicroCAM 3 uncooled 640 x 480 core and is compatible with information/command systems. The unit operates on AA batteries or external power and is suitable for forward observation squads, search & rescue, infantry, border security and special units with varying levels of training. With  intra-ocular adjustment, the bi-ocular TiCAM 1000B is more comfortable to use than monocular or other thermal imaging multi-function units.

Thermoteknix is also introducing two new night vision devices – NiCAM-7 bi-ocular NVG and NiCAM-31 binocular NVG. Also, Thermal Weapon Sight, TiSight™ will be on show, available as a clip-on unit in conjunction with a day sight or on its own as a direct view thermal sight.

Thermoteknix will also showcase its latest FuseIR unit, integrated fused night vision device. Weighing under 400g, the unit delivers impressive Night Vision, Thermal and Fused image performance with a battery life of six hours on two AA batteries. The full Thermoteknix product range is on display and available for hands-on demonstrations in a dedicated night tunnel on stand S3-230.

Thermoteknix MIRICLE® & MicroCAM™ based products are not subject to US ITAR control but may require UK export licence depending on the end-user country and specification. FuseIR is not for use or sale in USA.