Courtesy : Royal Navy

1927 : One-year-old Princess Elizabeth’s parents, The Duke and Duchess of York, make an official visit to Australia in HMS Renown.

1937 : Coronation of George VI and the Coronation Fleet Review at Spithead

1939 : A 13-year-old Princess Elizabeth ‘notices’ Prince Philip of Greece during a visit to BRNC Dartmouth

1944 : Princess Elizabeth launches HMS Vanguard, Britain’s last battleship

1947 : The princess joins HMS Vanguard on a Royal Tour to South Africa

1952 : HMY Britannia is laid down

1953 : Coronation Review at Spithead; HMS Surprise stands in for the Royal Yacht; HMY Britannia is launched on the Clyde

1954 : The Queen and Prince Philip embark on Britannia for the first time during the final stages of a Commonwealth tour

1959 :The Queen/HMY Britannia tour Canada for the opening of the St Lawrence Seaway and also hosts US President Eisenhower

1960 : The Queen launches HMS Dreadnought, Britain’s first nuclear submarine

1964 : The Queen is proclaimed Lord High Admiral as the Admiralty is incorporated in the new Ministry of Defence

1969  : Fleet Review at Spithead to celebrate 20 years of NATO; The Queen presents The Queen’s Colour to the Fleet

1971 : The Queen launches destroyer HMS Sheffield at Barrow (the ship was subsequently lost in the Falklands); The Prince of Wales begins officer training at Dartmouth

1973 : The Queen spends a day with the Navy: touring Portsmouth Naval Base, HMS Dryad, HMS Victory and finally HMS Bacchante

1976 : The Prince of Wales leaves the Royal Navy after commanding minesweeper HMS Bronington

1977 : Silver Jubilee at Spithead; aircraft carrier HMS Invincible is launched by the Queen in Barrow

1979 : Prince Andrew joins the Navy and trains as a helicopter pilot

1982 : The Queen and Prince Philip welcome Prince Andrew – and HMS Invincible – home from the Falklands

1986  : The Queen presents a new Colour to Portsmouth Command

1990 : The Queen, as Duke of Lancaster, launches Type 23 frigate HMS Lancaster

1994 : HMY Britannia plays a central role in D-Day 50th anniversary commemorations, including a Fleet Review

1997 : The Queen famously sheds a tear as HMY Britannia decommissions in Portsmouth

1998  : The Queen names helicopter carrier HMS Ocean in Barrow

2002 : HMS Excellent hosts the military’s tribute to the Queen’s Golden Jubilee

2003 : The RN reveals that the first super-carrier will be named HMS Queen Elizabeth; a new Queen’s Colour is presented to the Fleet in Plymouth

2005 : The Queen reviews Royal Navy and allied warships attending the Trafalgar 2005 International Fleet Review at Spithead

2009 : The Queen presents the first Elizabeth Cross to the families of military personnel killed in Service or as a result of a terrorist attack

2010  : The Queen attends 25th anniversary celebrations of HMS Ark Royal

2011 : The Queen bestows the title of Lord High Admiral upon the Duke of Edinburgh to mark his 90th birthday

2014 : The Queen names aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth at Rosyth; later in the year, she poses with the crew of HMS Lancaster for a unique ship’s company photograph in Portsmouth

2017 : The Queen attends the commissioning ceremony of HMS Queen Elizabeth in Portsmouth; she also celebrates HMS Sutherland’s 20th birthday in London

2018 :The Queen is applauded by crew and guests as she leaves HMS Ocean’s decommissioning ceremony

2021 :  The Queen pays her final visit to the Royal Navy and Portsmouth, meeting crew of HMS Queen Elizabeth before the carrier sails on her maiden deployment