• A Unique Tribute Under the Deep Sea to INS Khukri

Indian NavyThe Indian Navy on 11 Feb 23 paid unique tribute in eternal gratitude to the ultimate sacrifice of the brave INS Khukri and her crew by laying wreaths underwater at the final resting place of the ship that was lost in the 1971 War.

Named after the curved battle dagger of the indomitable Gorkhas, the Khukri sank on the night of 9th December 1971 with 18 officers and 176 sailors, including the Commanding Officer, Captain Mahendra Nath Mulla, who stayed courageously on the Bridge as the ship went down. The gallant Captain was later awarded the Mahavir Chakra posthumously. The ship and her fearless crew now lie at a depth of approximately 80m, about 100 nautical miles off Diu.

INS NireekshakOn 11 Feb 23, the Navy paid them touching homage through a poignant reunion as deep sea divers of Diving Support Ship, INS Nireekshak, placed three wreaths on the Khukri; one on behalf of the survivors and families of those lost, the second on behalf of all ranks of the Indian Navy and the third on behalf of the Operational Commander, the Commander-in-Chief of the Western Naval Command.

Khukri continues to live and will forever inspire a grateful nation and her Armed Forces.