• Critical design review successfully achieved

Cannes, 22 May  2018 .  Thales Alenia Space announces that a major milestone for Spacebus Neo development has been achieved and put on track the qualification and manufacturing of this very innovative product line.

Thales Alenia Space has initiated the development of its brand new telecom satellites product line  with the aim to deliver the most attractive solution for geostationary satellites to meet operators’ needs in the highly competitive worldwide satcom market. This product line is supported jointly by the European Space Agency’s (ESA) ARTES programme of Advanced Research in Telecommunication Systems, and France’s space agency (CNES).

Already 4 flight models have been ordered by commercial and institutional Customers , with a first launch scheduled in 2019.

Spacebus Neo full electrical platforms will embark major innovations :

•    a very innovative thermal control and enhanced power subsystems,
•    a flexible and highly modular design,
•    a customization for all payloads, including digital solutions and Very High Throughtput Satellites (VHTS).

Following successful Critical Design Review, Spacebus Neo product line is now entering qualification phases and manufacturing process involving an industrial consortium all across Europe :

•    Spacebus Neo hardware (electronics, avionics, propulsion and thermo-structural units) have all started qualification sequence
•    XPS (Xenon Propulsion System) module is being assembled in Thales Alenia Space in UK, avionics module integrated in Thales Alenia Space in Cannes facilities and first payload module parts have been delivered to Thales Alenia Space in Toulouse facilities.