• The strategic partnership to address Indian Army’s requirement for ammunitions under ‘Make in India’ program of the Government of India 

Nagpur, June 19, 2018SOLAR Industries, India’s largest manufacturer of explosives and initiating systems, and EURENCO, the European leader in energetic materials, announced a strategic partnership agreement to supply of Explosives, Propellants, Transfer of Technology projects and to a common offer for the Bi-Modular Charge System (BMCS) project in India during the EUROSATORY 2018 exhibition held in Paris-Villepinte on June 11-15, 2018. 

SOLAR and EURENCO signed a preliminary Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as far back as July 2016 to evaluate various cooperation options, including the BMCS project. With the strong will to reinforce their cooperation to address the Indian Army’s needs and future developments including export options, the two companies today confirmed the strategic partnership for the supply of Propellants, Bombs, Ammunition filling and Modular Charges technologies under the “Make in India” policy for the private sector. 

SOLAR is willing to build dedicated infrastructure facilities with the technical assistance of EURENCO on its explosive and propellant facilities in Nagpur, India. The new facilities will include Propellant Plants, one of the key components of Modular Charges, Bombs and Ammunition filling capabilities. 

Dominique Guillet, CEO of EURENCO said, “This partnership agreement is at the heart of our strategy in India which is today one of the key markets that we aim for as part of our global export policy in Asia.” 

Manish Nuwal, CEO at SOLAR Industries India said that, “We have built a strong relationship with Eurenco and are working on a collaborative approach to set up infrastructure facilities under the ‘Make in India’ program of the Government of India to fulfill the needs of the Indian Army.”