• Deco-Nayar to help make a state-of-the art homeland security in India

By Sangeeta Saxena

New Delhi. Skills are perishable and the equipment is as good as the man behind it. So there has to be a percolation of conformation between the two needs, stressed Rajbikram Singh Nayar, Chairman & Managing Director,  Deco-Nayar India private limited, a joint venture between DECO INC. (49%), a USA based company and the NAYAR Group (51%), an Indian company The JV has been established to fulfill the critical gap existing in training for creating the most efficient  homeland security.

“We already have the resource to train the forces. In a ratio of 6:4 we will recruit foreign and Indian resources. We plan to take trainers who are retired from Special Forces, SWAT, Navy Seals, FBI, Delta force and Rangers.  The process is already in place. We want to create the best facility in South Asia for counter terrorism to counter narcotics. It will be a tactical centre for excellence.  The facility will be up and running by March 2017.  Deco nayar will do the certification and hopes to be a training provider recognized by  National Skills  Development Council. We want to match step with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s march to skill India,” informed Singh in an exclusive interview to ADU.

This is a joint global venture to implement critical incident strategies, which can be integrated into tactical training, security solutions and the application of force protection technology.

Their line of  business are both product and services. They are planning to give jammers to polices of Maoists infested states and Jammu & Kashmir. They also plan to supply backpack mounted drones with high definition cameras. The JV is in talks with para military forces and the process for North-Eastern state police forces has begun.

“We are giving proposals to state polices but the challenges are many. Budgets have to be larger and mind sets have to be changed. The present system of providing band-aid solutions has to be forgotten and permanent solutions to security challenges need to be sought,” he said.

India is an emerging destination for Defence, both as a market and as a potential supply base. Government of India has been adopting progressive approach to enhance self-reliance with the thrust on developing local industry thereby creating opportunity for one and all, be it for global players, Indian industry, small and medium scale enterprises, and/or Defence Public Sector Undertakings (DPSUs). The group is focused to assist Defence players in Military Data Storage, Data Security & C4I support operations and Defence Procurement & Offset Management. We address the unique nature of the Defence market characterised with limited quantity but high technology requirements.

“In our business acumen homeland security is the most important need for expansion and we want  to help ensure a safe operating environment. Homeland Security supports the preparation for, prevention of, protection against, response to, and recovery from threats to the nation’s population centers and critical infrastructures that are of terrorist, criminal, accidental, or natural origin and related adverse events,” Singh stated.

“Our group works to heighten public awareness as to the nation’s continued vulnerability to terrorism, and to persuade the respective agencies to take the necessary steps to close the gap between how secure we should be and how secure we actually are. We offer Smart Camera Interface options along with Cloud Data protection and City Surveillance Solutions,” he added.

Homeland security needs a well trained manpower , a safe operating environment and perfectly equipped as well as armed force and deco-Nayar plans to be a small but important part of creating this ecosystem.