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Shaurya Chakra Lance Naik Ayyub Ali

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The Rajputana Rifles / 9TH Battalion The Rashtriya Rifles

New Delhi. 02 February 2019. On 15 Sep 2018, a group of five heavily armed terrorists were cordoned in a house by 9 Rashtriya Rifles Battalion. Lance Naik Ayyub Ali was a part of the cordon, occupying a position covering the most likely escape route.

At 0050 hours, terrorists tried to break the cordon by using grenades and heavy volume of fire. Due to their indiscriminate firing two of our men were wounded. Lance Naik Ayyub Ali, on seeing his comrades hit, came out from cover and engaged one of the escaping terrorists. With complete disregard to his own safety, he brought down accurate fire onto the terrorist and eliminated him at very close range. This terrorist was later identified as a dreaded terrorist of Lashkar-e-Taiba. He thereafter continued to engage the remaining terrorists and enabled evacuation of wounded personnel to a safe location.

His unflinching bravery and indomitable spirit directly resulted in killing of a terrorist and the safe evacuation of two wounded men. For this remarkable display of cold courage and camaraderie under fire, Lance Naik Ayyub Ali is awarded “SHAURYA CHAKRA.”

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