La Spezia, 22 June 2018. After the opening ceremony was fully launched the Sea Future 2018 program saw yesterday afternoon, Wednesday, June 20, at sea exits of ITS euros, ITS Aviere, ITS Driade Navy in favor of international delegations as they continued the conference activities of the STRATUS program seminar.

In the afternoon there was also a conference on “The Mediterranean multimodal corridor: connecting Europe with support of TET-T (Trans-European Transport Networks)”. You need to build a European network of transport logistics, ranging from the sea to the inland waterways to railways, through sustainable development of the various means of transport in an effort to significantly reduce emissions and the high social costs of transport by road. Under this new strategy, the rail freight transport can play an important role in promoting the interconnection between other types of transport.

 Among the speakers will not surprise the presence of Julia Costagli, Head of Studies and Innovative projects of the Italian Railway Network (RFI), which announced the recent launch of the integrated logistics project for the modal shift of freight from road to sea and railways in a new vision of the intermodal transport system. Among the conference speakers also Enrico Maria Puja General Manager, Transportation and Infrastructure Ferroviarie- Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport; Guillaume Moreno, Policy Analyst of the CPMR  . It closed the proceedings Marco Terranova, vice president of FerCargo .

Under the progress of scientific research and technological innovation that affect the social system and national economy, as well as the well-being and quality of life, in the afternoon of Wednesday, 20 have come and gone seminars and technical workshops.

INSA, which Seafuture celebrating ten years after its foundation, presented Naval Ship Code: developing the code for the security of the naval systems platform.

Nourished also the program organized by the Navy with the inauguration of the exhibition “The Italian Navy and the Great War: the sea, the earth, the sky and Art” at the stand of the Armed Forces, by the Chief of Staff of the Navy, Admiral Valter Girardelli, the presence of la Spezia, Pierluigi Peracchini mayor, which was followed by a seminar event on the same theme and a visit to the Maritime Museum.

It has also opened the workshop promoted by SEGREDIFESA with important representatives of the national industrial sector about the state of research in defense technology in our country.

The evening ended in Lerici: the town on the Gulf of Poets hosted institutions, foreign delegations, industry representatives and scientists who have been able to consolidate contacts and relationships screwed in the days preceding the Seafuture. The networking dinner was offered by Sanlorenzo gold sponsors.

In the morning of Thursday, June 21 at many bilateral meetings between companies and international delegations, which are called extremely satisfied by the presence of such a large number of companies specialized in maritime and naval-technology field.

In the Navy stand he was presented the book published by Murcia entitled “Geopolitics of the Sea” in the presence of three authors: Prof. Germano Dottori, the Admiral Sanfelice di Monteforte and Ramoino admiral.

At the opening of the Industry Day, Secretary-General Carlo Festucci AIAD  he stressed “the importance of collaboration with potential customers interested in the products of the Italian ship, which should continue after the sale following the life cycle of ships”. This was echoed by Admiral Annunziata, project Seafuture officer, who presented the excellence of the national ship production, consisting of the FREMM program, whose European multirole frigates are engaged in activities around the world in addition to the purely operational in enlarged Mediterranean. Companies such as Fincantieri, Leonardo, MBDA, Electronics, L3 trousers and SMEs have outlined the industrial strategies and products in development and promotion on the international market and the mice of the range, which have seen the light thanks to the renewal program Navy. Important then the contribution of the Italian Navy with the intervention of Italian Nautica dual use of the technologies used on pleasure boats and military units.

Admiral Claudio Boccalatte, President of ATENA , he organized a technical seminar on the control and management of the electromagnetic spectrum which was attended by speakers from the University of Pisa, the Support and Experimentation Center of the Navy Naval and companies.