Antonio Rodriguez-Barberan , CEO, SANNI , A Joint Venture Between Saudi Arabia Military Industries(SAMI) & Navantia In An Exclusive Interview With ADU At IDEX 2019 (Transcribed Video)

I’m Antonio Barberan, I’m the CEO of new created SANNI company. SAMI Navantia naval industries. The company is going to be incorporated today, it’s going to be announced today, and it is a new pleasure of the naval industries in the Middle East region.

The company, is a result of the contract of corvettes that Navantia signed with the Royal Navy, Saudi forces and we have created a company that is going to be responsible for the combat system, fire control management systems, enrolled integration in the corvette produced by Navantia. The target of this venture is to become a leader in this area in the Middle East so we are not creating a company for the purpose of a single contract, we are creating a company that is self sufficient, it is reliable, it is intended to be a reference company for the Saudi Navy.

How? we want that, when the Saudi navy gets an issue, it’s a problem to be solved, they first think of us and we are ready to discuss with them any areas and we want that when they need to have an upgrade of a system, when they want to have a new vessel, they think that a system, that we were developing with them, it is the standard system for the Navy, and not only with  the Navy.

Today is a very important day, it’s a very important day for me personally and it’s a very important day for the naval industry of the kingdom as we are announcing today the company’s where I think we all need to be proud of the amount of work that we are doing, me and my team and being responsible, I think for the first time of the development of a system, developing country and develop to service the forces. Why is it good for the forces? It will bring flexibility, it they want to change the centre, it gives them autonomy, in the sense that it will give them self sufficiency and will give them.

For the first time there’s going to be an industry in the kingdom that is able  to sell the forces with independence and flexibility .Here I am and I believe that we are to about see the birth of a leader in the industry .