future medium frigatesBoulogne-Billancourt. 21 March 2018. The PASEO XLR (eXtra Long Range) sighting system built by Safran Electronics & Defense has been chosen by Naval Group for France’s new medium frigates (FTI). Five of these 4,000 ton ships will be delivered starting in 2023.

Safran’s PASEO XLR system gives the French navy very-long-range identification capability. It is especially valuable in a context of asymmetric combat, where front-line ships are called on to operate near coastlines, and may engage small vessels showing suspicious behavior. The PASEO XLR system allows ships to determine these vessels’ intentions at a range enabling the frigate to activate its self-defense system.

Commenting on this latest contract, Pierre-Olivier Nougues, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Naval Key Accounts, at Safran Electronics & Defense, said, “We are very proud to have won this contract from Naval Group on behalf of the French navy. These new frigates will be fitted with our highest-performance electro-optical sighting systems.” As the latest member of Safran Electronics & Defense’s family of shipborne sighting systems, the PASEO XLR joins the Vigy Observer/Engage and the PASEO NS.

The PASEO XLR features a stabilized turret from the DALAS NG (deck-landing aid device for the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier), developed from 2014 to 2017 for Naval Group and French defense procurement agency DGA, and featuring cameras with very high magnification. It also includes an HDTV (high-definition TV) channel, including a powerful telescope (spotter) and a very-long-range Satis XLR infrared imager, as well as an eyesafe laser rangefinder. A SWIR (shortwave infrared) channel is offered on option, to enhance performance under foggy conditions.