February 25, 2016 (Saint-Cloud, France): Dassault Aviation recently approved Sabena Technics as a Major Authorized Service Center for Falcon 10, 20 and 50 aircraft. The aircraft will be serviced at Sabena Technics’s Dinard, France facility, which specializes in the maintenance, repair and overhaul of business, regional and military aircraft.

The facility is equipped with a 3,324 square meter four-aircraft hangar dedicated to Falcon 10, 20 and 50 activities, and offers paintwork and a full complement of back shop capabilities, including cabin interior, non-destructive testing, avionics and electromechanical hardware repair and refurbishment. It is staffed by a team of 75 technicians and repair specialists, including more than 40 licensed to work on Falcon aircraft.
In addition to its private customers, Dinard is a major provider to the French government and military forces, handling technical and logistical support and line and heavy maintenance for their Falcon 20, Falcon 10 and Falcon 50 fleets under long term contracts, including Maintenance in Operational Condition activities.
“Sabena Technics has been serving private and government maintenance and repair needs for more than half a century and is at the leading edge of MR&O technology,” said Jacques Chauvet, Dassault Falcon’s Senior Vice President, Worldwide Customer Service. “The new agreement will strengthen Dassault’s ability to serve its many legacy operators, which, thanks to the legendary durability of Falcon aircraft, typically remain in service far longer than the industry norm.”
The Sabena Technics agreement is the latest in a series of approvals intended to reinforce Dassault Falcon’s global network. Last year it added Authorized Service Centers in India and Nigeria to serve operators in those fast growing areas. Ligare Aviation Engineering of Delhi was appointed to provide Aircraft On Ground service support for Falcon 7X trijets while Execujet Aviation Nigeria of Lagos was approved to handle line maintenance for Falcon 7X, 900 and 2000 family aircraft