Bangalore. February 15, 2017, As a part of Russian defence products on display at Aero India 2017, MiG-35 frontline fighter , is looking at stepping up its presence in India and contribute to the Make in India initiative.

Speaking on the sidelines of Aero India 2017 Ilya Tarasenko, Director General of JSC, Russian Aircraft Corporation ,MiG. said ” MiG-35 – an interesting product for the Indian Air Force from cost-efficiency point of view. We are ready to discuss with our Indian partners the issues related to deliveries of this aviation complex. The aviation complex is capable to employ the whole specter of existing and perspective Russian and foreign weapons including those intended for heavy fighter aircraft.”

The state of the art multifunctional aviation complex, made its debut test flight demonstration in the end of January, where President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin spoke about the aircrafts export potential in more than 30 countries. Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Aerospace Forces Colonel General Victor Bondarev also stated at the demonstration that MiG-35 will replace the whole fleet of light fighter aircraft of Russia consisting presently of various MiG-29 modifications.

The new MiG-35 has inherited the aerodynamic configuration of one of the most popular fourth generation fighter aircraft MiG-29.  Apart from this the aircraft also possesses new features of a complex on-board equipment and considerably enhanced combat capacity in regard to the range and pay load.  The new aviation complex can carry up to 6 tons of weapons, which is comparable to medium and heavy fighter aircraft. Multifunctional, with low-visibility, and developed under stealth technology, MiG-35 is capable to carry-out tasks against all groups of targets, not only alone but performing a function of air-command group, day and night in any weather conditions.

“Historically, Corporation «MiG» has been in dense cooperation with India. In 2016 the Corporation successfully completed the contract for delivery of MiG-29K/KUB deck fighter aircraft for the Indian Navy. We are ready to make large-scale steps in implementation of the Make in India program declared by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi.  This means that issues of production localization will be discussed in the widest specter. Our Corporation has proved itself in this direction, implementing the program of MiG-29 upgrade into MiG-29UPG at the facilities of HAL in Nashik, added  IlyaTarasenko, Director General of JSC ,Russian Aircraft Corporation ,MiG.

A leading company of Russian aviation industry.It has aggregated within the framework of unified legal structure the main organizations ensuring all elements of aircraft life cycle: concept development, initial and detailed design, manufacture of prototypes and their tests, marketing, preproduction planning and serial production, technical support during operation, upgrading as well as the training of the flight personnel, technicians and engineers.

The product range of the RAC “MiG” includes modern aircraft systems, including unified family fighters MiG-29K / KUB and MiG-29M / M2,highly modernized interceptor MiG-31BM, training equipment, as well as the newest multifunctional aircraft complex MiG-35. RAC “MiG” designers are working intensively on a new generation of aviation equipment both manned and unmanned.

Currently, the creation of modern MiGfighter aircrafts is carried out with the use of digital technologies at all stages of the life cycle: from design and manufacturing to after-sales service. MiG aircrafts are the basis of fighter aviation of the Russian Armed Forces. Among the priority programs of “MiG” is newly introduced to the international community lightweight aircraft complex MiG-35. It’shigh export potential was appreciated by the Russian government.Today “MiG” fighters are in service with the Air Force of 56 countries.