• Tests of the Cadet-75 parachute system of Rostec State Corporation’s Technodinamika Holding confirmed a minimum descent altitude of 150 meters. The product, designed for training of novice parachutists, is successfully undergoing flight development tests at airfields in the Ivanovo and Belgorod regions.

Moscow. 27 October 2021. “Cadet-75” is a round canopy training parachute system, allowing step-by-step training of separation from the aircraft and freefall skills with a progression to manual parachute deployment. It is suitable for dropping at aircraft speeds ranging from 80 to 280 km/h at altitudes up to 4,000 meters with a total flying weight of up to 120 kg. The parachute has increased canopy stability and allows the parachutist to make a full turn in no more than 12 seconds. The average vertical speed of descent in an area 30 – 35 m from the ground is not more than 5 m/s.

“The Cadet-75 parachute system demonstrated a minimum safe altitude of 150 meters at an airplane speed of 180 km/h. Descent time on a fully filled main parachute was not less than 10 seconds. The product is successfully undergoing flight development tests, which we will complete by the end of the year,” explained Igor Nasenkov, CEO of Technodinamika Holding Company.

The “Cadet” line, developed by the Polet Ivanovo Parachute Plant, includes three parachute systems with a round canopy. In addition to the Cadet-75, the Cadet-100 and Cadet-100D are designed not only for training but also for combat parajumping with full service weapons and equipment.