• Offering Next Generation Air Transportable Galley/Lavatory (NG-ATGL), Aeromedical and VIP Modular Solutions and Palletised Seating Systems for the Indian Aerospace Market.

Bengaluru, India, 24 March 2022. Knight Aerospace and Rossell Techsys have teamed up to provide quick-change roll-on/roll-off palletised solutions for cargo aircraft conversion including next generation air transportable galley / lavatory (NG-ATGL), aeromedical/VIP modular, patient transport and ground support equipment for the Indian Aerospace Market. The cargo conversion systems consist of VIP / economy seating, bio-medical containment modules, patient airlift, airborne critical care, and various additional systems. The NG-ATGL consists of a full-service galley and lavatories on a customized pallet. Knight also designs and manufactures several other specialty palletized systems that integrate with and adapt to aircraft interiors for a wide variety of applications.

“The Knight Aerospace NG-ATGL, Palletized Seating Systems and Aeromedical Modules are practical, cost-effective ways to transform the mission of cargo aircraft. These solutions represent the most technologically advanced and airworthy cargo conversion solutions available today across the world. With Rossell Techsys, as our trusted partner, we are now able to make available all these solutions and provide mission critical capabilities in India”, said Ms Bianca Rhodes, President, Knight Aerospace.

“We are excited to partner with Knight Aerospace and be able to bring the very best of technology and solutions to the Indian Aerospace Market. The range of products provided by Knight Aerospace, complements our after-market services business, where Rossell provides local customization, accessory support, installation, commissioning, training, maintenance support through end of life and being the single point of contact for India based customers”, said Mr Prabhat Kumar Bhagvandas, Chief Executive Officer, Rossell Techsys.