Pic courtesy : Rosoborobexport

Cairo, Egypt. 04 December 2023. The Rosoboronexport company of the Rostec State Corporation takes part in the International Defense Industry Exhibition EDEX-2023, which takes place from December 4 to 7 in Cairo (Egypt). EDEX completes the global exhibition campaign of 2023, in which Rosoboronexport took part in 16 international exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

“EDEX is the largest defense exhibition on the African continent. Rosoboronexport maintains active military-technical cooperation with 80% of the countries in the region. The share of exports to African countries in 2023 exceeded 30% of Rosoboronexport’s total supplies, and the company’s contracting in the region by the end of the year will amount to more than $5.2 billion,” said Rosoboronexport General Director Alexander Mikheev.

“Our task at EDEX 2023 is to fine-tune cooperation along the points of interaction outlined during the Second Russia-Africa Summit in St. Petersburg. In addition, “Rosoboronexport will continue to finalize the agreements reached with the countries of the Middle East at the Dubai Airshow 2023.”

Rosoboronexport took part in all previous EDEX exhibitions, held under the patronage of the country’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. The company traditionally represents in Egypt the majority of Russian-made export new products, which are actively gaining top positions in the global arms market, including thanks to successful experience of use in real combat conditions.

Among the products that Rosoboronexport will present at EDEX 2023 are the latest models of Russian aviation and armored vehicles, missile and artillery systems, products for the navy, multifunctional and combat UAVs, air defense and electronic warfare systems, small arms and ammunition.

Rosoboronexport today makes every effort to remain a reliable partner, recognizing the security challenges and threats facing African states. The company, among other things, actively cooperates with the region on cybersecurity, space programs, and counter-terrorism measures. Relevant contracts and memorandums of understanding have been signed and are being implemented with a number of countries, and we are discussing practical steps for their implementation,” added Alexander Mikheev.