Derby. 24 February 2019. Rolls-Royce has joined Delta TechOps at the opening of its new engine test cell in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The new test cell, which is the largest in the world, provides additional capabilities to Rolls-Royce’s service network. It is capable of conducting tests with engines reaching up to 150,000lbs of thrust, meaning it will be able to test the Trent XWB, Trent 1000 and Trent 7000. The first engine to be tested in the cell will be a Trent XWB.

Delta TechOps was welcomed into Rolls-Royce’s expanded service network in 2018, as a Trent Authorised Maintenance Centre. This agreement with Delta TechOps provides increased capacity for maintenance of Rolls-Royce engines, supporting our wider services strategy of an increasingly capable, competitive and flexible CareNetwork.

This agreement with Delta TechOps has allowed the company to increase maintenance capacity for the Trent engine family, starting with the Trent 1000. The first Trent 1000 engine repaired at the overhaul facility is back in service, with engineers continuing to perform maintenance on Trent 1000s.

Once the first Trent 1000 engine is calibrated at the test cell, it will speed up recovery efforts further, implementing fixes and testing them under the same roof, so engines can get back on-wing sooner. Rolls-Royce has expanded its service capacity, reduced turnaround times, developed innovative inspection techniques, and accelerated new part introduction to minimise disruption to customers as a result of increased inspections on Trent 1000 engines.

A new Engine Change Service agreement with Delta TechOps will also benefit the Trent 1000 programme. Delta TechOps joins a growing number of partners who support Rolls-Royce in delivering the Engine Change Service, where Rolls-Royce acts as a one-stop shop to organise labour, parts and/or tooling for any Trent engine change event.

The Delta TechOps team will support engine changes for Trent 1000, Trent 7000 and Trent XWB engines in the Americas. The Engine Change Service is offered as a Foundation Service within the Rolls-Royce CareStore, and customers are able to request a quote for their engine change event requirements from our 24/7 Aircraft Availability Centre, be that a home base or remote site location.

It further improves the ability to ensure aircraft are available for service, supporting our vision that every Rolls-Royce powered aircraft departs and lands on time, every time, as efficiently as possible.