Prague. 17 June  2024.  Vrgineers and Somnium Space are preparing an exceptional show of their latest and most advanced immersive technologies together at Flight Sim Expo. Why’d these two come together you may ask?

Vrgineers and Somnium Space are pioneers in both virtual and mixed reality technologies. Vrgineers specializes in developing military grade headsets for high demand simulations, such as the jet fighter pilot. On the other hand, Somnium Space, often referred to as the Monaco of metaverse has a strong dedicated community asking for a state-of-the-art headset for pro-consumers.

Somnium Space has actively collaborated with Vrgineers, leveraging their combined expertise to develop bespoke headsets for dedicated enthusiasts. Since 2017, Somnium Space has been gathering valuable insights from the consumer space, which, together with Vrgineers’ extensive experience in military grade headset development, has led to the creation of this high-quality, one of a kind Somnium VR1 headset.

Information on this epic collaboration, technical specification, and so much more will be announced at the Somnium Connect event on July 12th in Prague, Czech Republic. One of the biggest virtual reality hubs in the world, home to Beat Saber (the most downloaded VR game of all time) and Sightline the Chair (the most popular VR game for Oculus DK1) in addition to the XTAL and Somnium VR1 headsets.

Both companies plan to present together in Las Vegas Flight Sim Expo on June 21 – 23, giving interviews regarding their latest headsets they built for the sim community. Vrgineers will be presenting the latest and most advanced XTAL 3 headset with a wide FOV, designed specifically for jetfighter and helicopter pilot training, Somnium Space will also be presenting the capabilities of its highly anticipated Somnium VR1 to the public for the first time.

Media and visitors will have the opportunity to meet Marek Polcak, CEO of Vrgineers, who will be present to explain how the Vrgineers dual-use technology supported the development of Somnium VR1 and enhanced the headset’s capabilities. Additionally, he will highlight the origins of military-grade technologies in the VR1, co-developed for U.S. Department of Defense and successfully transitioning into this groundbreaking commercial product for the wider VR community.

Artur Sychov, the founder of Somnium Space and the driving force behind the Somnium VR1 headset, will be available to discuss the product development process, the innovative ideas he materialized in the VR1, and its anticipated impact on virtual reality enthusiasts worldwide. Additionally, Artur will answer detailed technical questions, providing in-depth insights into the headset’s design and functionality.  Attendees can speak to his avatar in real time within the Somnium Space VR platform. He will be showcasing the VR1 headset inside virtual reality, offering a live and unique, immersive experience.

Both showcases will be accompanied by Vrgineers Portable Trainer: a compact simulator that fits in a box. Designed and manufactured by Vrgineers based on Marine Corps requirement for a fast deployable and easily transportable immersive simulator.