Mumbai. 31 October 2019. Due to prolonged monsoon in Mumbai, the runway re-carpeting work at CSMIA has been postponed. As per the revised date, RWY 09/27 will not be available for aircraft operations from 4th November 2019 up to 28th  March 2020, 06 days of the week, from Mondays to Saturdays between 09:30 Hrs. IST to 17:30 Hrs. IST, due to major rehabilitation and re-carpeting work. However, during the closure of RWY 09/27, RWY 14/32 will be available for aircraft operations.

RWY 09/27 will be available for operations on all Sundays, and on the following dates due to public holidays and festivals: 25/12/2019, 01/01/2020, 15/01/2020, 19/02/2020, 21/02/2020, 10/03/2020 and 25/03/2020.