NEWPORT NEWS, Va., (July 18, 2022) — Raytheon Missiles & Defense, a Raytheon Technologies
business, has delivered SPY-6 radar arrays to the future U.S.S. John F. Kennedy (CVN 79), the first
aircraft carrier to receive the advanced radar.

This delivery is the first of three for the aircraft carrier. Together, the three fixed-face radar arrays will form
a SPY-6(V)3, also known as the Enterprise Air Surveillance Radar, which provides 360-degree coverage
for the ship. In addition to the proven multi-mission capabilities across the SPY-6 family, SPY-6(V)3 has
unique features that meet the needs of an aircraft carrier, including weather mapping and air traffic control

“This is the first aircraft carrier that will be equipped with SPY-6 radars, the leading naval radar system in
the world,” said Kim Ernzen, president of Naval Power at Raytheon Missiles & Defense. “With the recent
contract, SPY-6 will provide premier detection and coverage for more than 40 ships in the U.S. Navy
throughout the next decade.”

The SPY-6 family of radars provides integrated air and missile defense for seven classes of ships. Its
radar modular assemblies, known as RMAs, allow SPY-6 to be scalable and modular to support
production for the U.S. and partner nations across all variants.