RAFAEL Demonstrates BNET Tactical Communication Systems for Romanian Special ForcesTel-a-Viv. 10 July 2023. RAFAEL, a  provider of advanced defense solutions, successfully conducted a comprehensive demonstration of its BNET Advanced Tactical Communication System for Romanian special forces, intelligence units, and other official government services in May 2023. This significant event, held in collaboration with local partner STARC4SYS SRL, showcased the exceptional capabilities of RAFAEL’s BNET in a variety of scenarios, illustrating its effectiveness in complex operational environments.

The demonstration encompassed combat simulations in diverse arenas, including urban settings both above and below ground, as well as open terrain. RAFAEL effectively showcased how the BNET tactical communication solution enables real-time battle management, information gathering, and navigation in GPS-denied environments and other complex battle scenarios. The event attendees consisted of official delegations from specialized fields, including technology operators and decision makers responsible for planning and executing highly-demanding operations with minimal setup. The advanced features of BNET highlighted the system’s ability to provide decision makers and operators with a distinct advantage in dynamic battlefield scenarios while ensuring mission success.

RAFAEL Demonstrates BNET Tactical Communication Systems for Romanian Special Forces“The ability to accurately position all forces in real-time, even in GPS-denied areas, has revealed the immense potential of our tactical communication systems,” said Mr. Cristian Ghimfus, General Director at STARC4SYS SRL. “This demonstration undeniably provides government forces with a significant advantage not only in the present battle but also in future conflicts. We are thrilled to continue expanding the operational capabilities of our esteemed clients.”

Gil Volkovizki, Marketing Director at RAFAEL, expressed tremendous pride in the successful demonstration of their advanced tactical communication systems. The showcased capabilities of BNET align seamlessly with the demanding operational environments where achieving the impossible is routine. By continually pushing boundaries, BNET has proven its ability to equip state-owned forces with the necessary tools to stay ahead in today’s fight and tomorrow’s battles.