Compiled by Team ADU

BAE Systems : countermeasures and developments in underwater weapon propulsion

Undersea Defence Technology (UDT) 2017, with over 80 renown international exhibitors, will be bringing together and displaying all the latest and most advanced inventions and developments in the field. BAE Systems will be present at stand B26.

“We are proud not just of what we do, but how we do it – from developing innovative products and services and investing in our people and future workforce to giving our customers the best possible service.”

BAE Systems is an international corporation dedicated to becoming a leader in the fields of defence, aerospace and security. Backed by 200 years of experience in the industry, BAE systems maintains a highly professional and ethical working environment and ensures contributions through employment and investment to countries and communities in which they operate. With a committed and diverse task force of approximately 82,500 people from over 40 different countries, they offer a wide variety of products and services, starting with military equipment and armoured vehicles and going to warfare, security and information technology and systems.

Their range extends to all environments, land, sea, air, electronics and cyberspace, where they not only design, manufacture and maintain products and services, but furthermore encourage and participate in research and development and push for advances across all sectors in cooperation with high academic and industrial institutions.

Taking part as a speaker in the Undersea Defence Technology (UDT 2017) conference and exhibition is Dominic Morley, Business Development Manager of BAE Systems Maritime, who will be presenting in the Weapons and Payload Systems section.


Atlas Elektronik : Multi-Purpose Adaptive Beamforming for Passive Sonar

Undersea Defence Technology (UDT) 2017, with over 80 renowned  international exhibitors, will be bringing together and displaying all the latest and most advanced inventions and developments in the field. Atlas Elektronik will be present at stand C28.

“We combine technological excellence and the spirit of research with customer benefits – opting for ATLAS ELEKTRONIK is always a sound decision.”

Atlas Elektronik is an entity that focuses on the supply, research and development of high-tech maritime sonar and sensory equipment and systems, and the service and maintenance thereof. Whether it is acoustic and sonar equipment, sensors, command and communications systems, surface and underwater warfare capabilities, underwater and unmanned vehicles, naval guidance systems or coastal monitoring, Atlas Elektronik provides the latest, top quality product with a mission to aid in the struggle to keep the seas and oceans safe against the dangers of natural hazards and the rising threats of piracy, terrorism, contraband, and human trafficking.

Atlas Elektronik is headquartered in Bremen, Germany, but holds subsidiaries and connections with associates across the globe, maintaining a leadership position in technological advancement and therefore in the industry. Dr Sebastian Knabe, Senior System Engineer of Atlas ElektronikGermany, will be providing an insight on ‘Multi-Purpose Adaptive Beamforming for Passive Sonar’ at the three-day Undersea Defence Technology (UDT 2017) conference and exhibition, which will be offered in the Sensors & Processing field.

The conference, themed “Optimising the constants by maximising the variables”, is split into multiple sections, the others being Platform Design, Weapons and Payload Systems, Autonomous and Unmanned Systems, and Operational Drivers Weapons and Payload Systems.


DamenDefense& Security: strategic planning and innovative efficiency

“At Damen, it’s all about ships – it’s what we do, it’s who we are. We design them, we build them, we service them. We live them! We have a vision and we are on a mission”

DamenDefense& Security is a dedicated international maritime company whose focus is the design, construction and maintenance of ships. From combattants to yachts, ferries to fishing vessels, equipment to services, Damen covers a large variety in the maritime industrial spectrum.Family-owned and with roots in the Netherlands, it was established in 1927, 140 years ago, their heritage a testament to their experience in the field.

Through strategic planning and innovative efficiency (e.g: The Damen Standard), the Damen Shipyards Group has earned its position as an avant-garde player in the shipbuilding world. Covering a niche market with over 9,000 employees across the world, Damen sustains top-quality production while delivering an efficient global network of services such as facilities for maintenance and repair & conversion.

The Damen Standard is a staple of Damen, an innovation which allows for the combination of elements such as cost efficiency and customisation, and therefore for the deployment of vessels with proven designs as well as modifications. Having already produced over 6,000 vessels, Damen Shipyard Group holds a capacity for up to 180 vessels per year.


SAAB Group : pushing the boundaries of science and technology

Undersea Defence Technology (UDT) 2017, will be bringing together and displaying all the latest and most advanced inventions and developments in the field. SAAB will be present at stand A32.

Our mission describes how we work to achieve our vision. By improving and updating technological systems and solutions, we increase security in society, for its citizens and for those whose job it is to maintain security.

SAAB was established in 1937 in Trollhättan, Sweden, the consequence of a war on the horizon. Even though Sweden had maintained neutrality for over a century, the events that eventually led to World War II raised a dire necessity for a certain sense of independence and security, and in order to ensure this very same national safety and autonomy SvenskaAeroplan AB (SAAB) was created.

Ever since, SAAB has grown to extend its reach globally, covering markets worldwide with the aim to provide a variety of first-rate products, services and solutions with innovations in land, maritime, air, security and aerospace. Consisting of offices in all four corners of the world and a count of up to 15,465 employees in 2016, SAAB Group maintains a leading position in the market while supporting local communities, thus further enhancing customer experience.

Whether in the military or civil domain, SAAB continues to expand so as to remain at the forefront of the industry, always pushing the boundaries of science and technology in order to satisfy customer needs and demands. Since its very foundation, SAAB has conducted extensive research for the security of society as well as those who protect it, and has provided progressive insight on how to deal with arising threats and overhauls in security measures. As such, they are relentless in keeping true to their belief, that safety is a human right.