New Delhi. 26 January 2019. On 16 August 2018,  Wing Commander Bhuvanendran Nair Prasanth  and his team joined the HADR operations of ‘Op Karuna’  in flood affected area of Kerala.  In a mission, he noticed 13 college girls stranded on a tiny roof top.  Due to inadequate space on the roof top, most crew members advised him not to winch down to save the stranded girls.  Disregarding his own safety, the officer winched down to rescue all the 13 survivors from the roof top.  In another mission, Wing Commander Nair winched up two  toddlers barehanded without a body harness so as to avoid the risk of the toddlers getting chocked in the harness due to the heavy downwash of the helicopter. 

During the complete operation, his team saved over a thousand lives while he alone was responsible for bringing 112 people including four infants and a 102 year old lady to safety.  Wing Commander Nair with his exceptional leadership, has  inspired everyone including the men under his command.  In all the missions, he has repeatedly exhibited exemplary courage and professionalism.

  For his exceptional courage and selfless bravery, Wing Commander Bhuvanendran Nair Prasanth is awarded  ‘Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry).