By Team ADU

New Delhi. 12 August 2019. Pakistan continues to shed its crocodile tears for Kashmir. The truth is that the shock of the reorganisation of J&K and eventually Pakistan loosing its agenda on which it survives has made it crazy.

ISPR the Pakistani counterpart of Indian DPR put up a press release saying that General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) visited Line of Control in Bagh sector and spent Eid with troops.
Speaking on the occasion, Army Chief said, ” government has initiated multiple efforts to redress Kashmir crisis. Our resolve to solve the Kashmir dispute is as strong as desire for peace. India is trying to shift the global attention away from IOJ&K to LOC and Pakistan and for this purpose it can do anything. We must not give them any opportunity to cover up the crimes it is committing in IOJ&K. Our religion teaches us peace but also to sacrifice and standing for the truth. We stand with our brothers and sisters in Kashmir and no matter how much time and whatever effort it takes, we will prove equal to the challenge, InshaAllah.” Isn’t it a case of kettle calling the pot black?

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s rushed to Beijing and after talks between Qureshi and his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, Beijing announced that it will “uphold justice for Pakistan on the international arena. And now that Indian Foreign Minister S Jai Shankar is in China he said,“when it comes to the recent tensions between India and Pakistan and the possible ramifications, we follow these developments very closely. We hope that India would also play a constructive role for the regional peace and stability,”.

Islamabad took the issue to United Nations Security Council but got in return a jolt. UN chief Antonio Guterres went back to invoke the Simla Agreement which states Kashmir is a bilateral matter.

UAE has stated that abrogation of special status of Jammu and Kashmir by the Modi government is “an internal matter of India”. The OIC stated that “following a request from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, an urgent meeting of the OIC Contact Group” on 6 August 2019 to review the recent developments in Jammu and Kashmir. It raised concerns about “gross human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir” but called for a “negotiated settlement” through talks between the two countries.

Along with the crocodile tears Pakistan’s paper tiger with rubber teeth Major General Asif Ghafoor, DG ISPR, tweeted, ” Should there be an attempt by Indian Army to undertake any misadventure, Pakistan’s response shall be even stronger than that of 27 Feb 2019. Thousands of Indian troops have failed to suppress just struggle of brave Kashmiris for decades. Current surge won’t succeed either.”