Quepem. Goa (India) March 282016. OIS Advanced Technology (OIS-AT) and Rafaut of France have entered into an additional agreement where OIS-AT and Rafaut have agreed to manufacture aircraft pylons in India in OIS-AT’s manufacturing facility in the National Capital Region. Aircraft pylons are advanced technology items for aircraft to carry weapons, including bombs and missiles. The companies have also agreed to establish a joint research & development facility in India to cater to customized Indian requirements.

We are pleased that Rafaut has agreed to support establishing a manufacturing line for advanced aircraft pylons in our manufacturing facilities. When combined with our agreement to jointly establish a Research and Development lab to cater to the special requirements of the Indian military, is in support of the Government of India’s Make In India program”, said Sanjay Bhandari, Chairman and Managing Director of OIS Advanced Technology.

We are looking forward to advancing our relationship with OIS-AT to establish an aircraft pylon manufacturing plant, and to establish a research and development facility for customized local requirements. We believe India has substantial customized requirements, for which we intend to become a prime supplier with our technologies”, said Bruno Berthet, CEO of Rafaut (France).

Aircraft pylons are essential part of weapon delivery systems of aircrafts. Customized for each aircraft, they enable the aircraft to carry missiles and bombs. The technology for release of these weapons are done in a pneumatic and pyrotechnic manner, thus permitting each aircraft to safely and accurately release weapons as part of their mission.