night fighting

Lucknow. 03 February 2020. The present operational environment of irregular warfare in and around India necessitates changes in the way armed forces need to prepare for, and conduct operations.  In this kind of conflict, ‘survivability’ across the full spectrum of conflict at the tactical level of warfare, is often a battle winning factor.

MKU, an Indian private sector enterprise, is actively engaged in developing indigenous solutions for night fighting capability. It is set to unveil its latest range of night vision and thermal devices at DefExpo 2020, Lucknow. Well known globally for its state-of-the-art protection and survivability gear for soldiers and platforms. MKU’s Netro range of Electro-optic devices on display during the DefExpo will include Thermal and Image Intensified weapon sights, monocular and binoculars, which boast of latest global standards, and more importantly, the ‘Made in India’ legacy. MKU’s proud  team of experts will be present on site to explain intricate details of design and development, and characteristics of their Electro-Optic devices.

night fighting

Speaking to the press, Vaibhav Gupta, Director, MKU said, ‘It is the deep understanding of conflict scenarios faced by the soldiers in the field today which enables MKU to develop solutions which go beyond the ordinary’.

Keeping in line with successive Indian Army Chiefs’ resolve of ‘Winning Indian Wars with Indian Solutions’, MKU has designed and developed its thermal and image intensifier devices in complete compliance with Indian Army’s qualitative requirements. “We are fully compliant to meet with Indian Army’s QRs, and are ready to compete at the international level as well” says young Prachi Gupta, Vice President, MKU who has been the moving force behind the innovation team at MKU.

 Explaining the point further, Neeraj Gupta, MD MKU added, “One single solution like ‘Thermal Imaging’ or ‘Image Intensifier’ technology cannot suffice and cater to all conditions and parameters. A clever blend of technologies to suit multiple operational requirements is the right answer for night vision solutions”. Power requirements and costs involved are other contributory factors while deciding upon an optimal solution.

MKU is also arranging for an elaborate display and demonstration of the capabilities of the latest generation Night Vision and Thermal devices at their ‘Experience Zone’ created within their booth at the Expo. Visitors are invited to gain a first-hand experience of this capability.