Chennai, 10 April 2018 .  At the DEFEXPO show, which will take place from April 11 to 14, 2018 in Chennai (India), Nexter will exhibit on its stand its solutions adapted to the needs of Indian armies.

 The Nexter Group, land defense system-integrator, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of artillery. It will present, along with the Indian partner Larsen & Toubro, one of India’s strategic industrial players in the field of defense, the TRAJAN® artillery system which has been evaluated by the Indian Army under the Towed Gun System program (TGS). The TRAJAN®, jointly developed with Larsen & Toubro, will be produced partly in India, thus responding to the “Make In India” strategy of the Indian government. A model of the CAESAR® on a 8×8 chassis, the best compromise between the simplicity of towed artillery and the mobility of a self-propelled system, will also be on the stand. In the weapon systems sector, the 40mm CTAS gun with telescopic ammunition is intended to equip armored infantry and reconnaissance vehicles to provide them with superior firepower to any other medium caliber system.

 Part of the 20mm air-land range will also be presented with the Pod NC 621, which provides close air-to-air and air-to-ground fire support in the axial mode, and the SH20, which can be docked to most multi- missions helicopters. Added to it, the ammo range for tank (90mm), naval (76mm) and artillery (155mm and 105mm). In the field of armored vehicles, the TITUS® in homeland security version is adaptable to the operational requirements of internal forces and it allows to safely intervene in high risk areas, in urban or extra-urban areas.

 Nexter Robotics, a subsidiary of the Nexter Group, will exhibit its range of multi-mission robots NERVA accompanied by its payloads and mobility kits to meet a broad spectrum of mission: from the detection of suspicious objects under vehicles to Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical (CBRN) threats, destruction of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and site monitoring