Nexter At The « Forum Entreprise Défense 2019 » Nexter At The « Forum Entreprise Défense 2019 »



Nexter at the « Forum Entreprise Défense 2019 »

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Versailles Satory. 09 Octiber 2019. Architect and systems integrator of land defence, Nexter presents its know-how and innovations in support and MRO. The Nexter Group Nexter offers versatile, reliable and innovative solutions that meet the operational requirements of its customers. 

The group has a range from armoured vehicles to artillery systems and also masters strategic sub-assemblies, such as weapons systems and ammunition or robots and embedded electronic systems. The group is able to monitor and support its products throughout their life cycle by offering a wide range of products and services related to support and MRO. 

Nexter is fully mobilized to meet the challenges of the SCORPION program, through the development and production of the new VBMR-GRIFFON armoured vehicles and EBRC-JAGUAR (with Arquus and Thales), Lightweight VBMR-SERVAL, the renovation of LECLERC MBTs and the future SCORPION increments. Nexter has a strong international presence, with recent export successes, such as the CAESAR® 8×8 sold to the Royal Danish Army, the CaMo program with Belgium and the TITUS® armoured vehicle acquired by the Czech Republic. The group continues to develop its commercial presence throughout the world and had 52% of export orders booked in 2018. Products Presented at FED 2019 FED is Nexter’s opportunity to present its products and services in terms of customer support and service. 

Nexter’s offer is divided into four areas, in addition to a space dedicated to KMW, a KNDS company. In the training area, visitors can discover the training module for the implementation of a simple pyrotechnic chain, an enhanced documentary aid for maintenance and training, as well as the OJT product (“On Job Training”), enabling operational staff to register for planned maintenance operations on training parks. In the “OPEX Force Assistance” area, there is a demonstration of Nexter’s know-how in additive manufacturing as well as the Tele-Expertise tool, offering “enhanced” assistance from an expert at Nexter‘s Operational Services Centre. Within the “Decision Support Centre (HUMS)” area, the group presents the ERMES tool (Integration for Data Collection and Data Control and Exploitation – IntEgration pour le Recueil ainsi que la Maîtrise et l’Exploitation de donnéeS) as well as the Decision Support Centre (Centre d’Aide à la Décision), which aims to provide state and industrial decision-makers with elements to support decision-making and improve the governance and performance of land maintenance. 

Within the Robotics Support area, NERVA® robots will be in the spotlight, as well as the attractive support tools for these robots. Finally, the KMW space features ILME (Integrated Logistics Maintenance Equipment), a modular platform developed by KMW, compiling applications and associated data, to perform maintenance, documentation and repair tasks.

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