Juan Luis Munoz, Systems Division, Navantia talking about NAVANTIS

Juan Luis Munoz, Systems Division, Navantia talking about NAVANTIS to Chaitali Bag ADU at IDEX 2019 (Transcribed Video)

“This is Juan Luis Munoz from Navantia systems department. Here we are at  NAVDEX and we have brought here training simulator that we have developed in the systems division of Navantia, which is called NAVANTIS, that means Navantia Training Integrated System. So this simulator is based on new technologies in order to create learning rooms that are based on very simple hardware. We are not using real hardware, but we visualise everything so that we have very simple learning rooms without obsolete controls, and in this learning room we are able to teach different types of operators and also different types of maintainers. So we start from the lowest level which is the platform of the ship itself so for that we have developed tools like you can see here, the arbitrary machine tool where the trainee is able to get into a model, exact model of the real ship and walk through it, in order to be familiarised with where old equipment is located and how to operate equipment locally from the local control panels, so once this is achieved we have the possibility to control the same equipment, but from the remote control that is the IPMS, integrated platform management systems. So here we have the example of this case,this is a frigate so this is the real application where the operator can control all the machinery and all the different systems like power generation, power distribution, all the systems in centre platform can be controlled from the IPMS. We can do here transfer whatever the operation, so the trainees that are using the IPMS are working on the same visual shape as the trainees, that are working locally so it’s two ways of controlling the same platform. 

Next step is, navigation, we want to practise navigation but combining in the same exercise machinery trainees with crew pilots so that what the pilot needs is to have machinery available, the engines and the only propulsion plant available and it’s very good that the machinery guys and also the crew pilots can be together in the same learning room and practise a common exercise so that’s what we achieve here. We have visualised each panel, so that with touch screens and control your bridge, your ship and also you have an environment like emulating the windows of the bridge where you can see the outsides of the ship so, in this case this is a frigate but we are connected to another simulator which is the aircraft carrier and amphibious transport ship but we can see in front of us which is this other simulator, you see the same hardware totally different ship but they are connected and they can do exercises where they interact with each other, you see this bridge, it has nothing to do with the one, we have just seen these are parts propulsion but with the same hardware  we are able just by changing the software to have another totally different ship. We also have the IPMS here and other navigation aids like the radar or the nautical chart. We would have more modules like these, build a bigger bridge, have more windows and have the size that you want to have. We are also connected to a third simulator that is displaying the same exercise which is a landing craft, the landing craft that is inside this amphibious transport ship. In this case we’re using virtual reality techniques.

Here we have the craft, this guy is sitting on the cabin and driving the craft and in this case he is operating some switch boards that are inside this cabin and you can see he is opening that and he can even do maintenance tasks to learn how the different circuits or different spare parts, how to change them or how to operate inside the service terminal but he can also go to the pilot house and drive the craft, this is  just exactly the operator interface and he’s got a real sensation of being in the real craft. There is a dynamic model that moves the craft as good as it is in reality. Remember that we are ship builders and we have designed this craft and we just are able to introduce the dynamic behaviour as it is in reality so the experience is like being in the real craft.”