Soumyajyoti Basu , Director – Services & Development Naval Group

Soumyajyoti Basu , Director – Services & Development Naval Group in a monologue interview with  Editor Sangeeta Saxena At Mast Indo-Asia 2018 (Transcribed Interview).

“ I’m Soumyajyoti Basu, I’m the Services & Development Director of Naval Group, India. I work on the strategies and business development of subsidiary in coordination with the Naval Group in France. Today we are at MAST to present ourselves with the submarines, with the torpedoes, with the naval equipment that we have in our portfolio and we are doing a lot of these activities indigenously, developing them for Indian navy in India.

Today we are working dedicatedly on the P75 Scorpene project, which is moving on very well, the first submarine is operating quite well with Indian navy, having been commissioned last year in the hands of  Primed Minister, Narendra Modi.

This year and in the coming years we are expecting in coordination with the shipyard MDL to commission the remaining five. The second and the third submarines are under sea trials and the progress is reasonably well. Looking at the future we have the submarines project which is the P75i and others, we are looking for the F21 torpedo, we are promoting F21 torpedo for the heavy weight torpedo project of Indian Navy. We are committed to do more indigenous contents as per the expectations of the government.

Moving forward from that we are here to support Indian Navy for long and to do that we are here to adapt ourselves to be available for Indian Navy for the maintenance of the kalvari class submarines. We know that Indian Navy is operating several class of submarines and they are very well experienced with operations and maintenance but wherever we can fit we’d do our best to support our customers and we are also looking forward to give advice to NMRL and Indian Navy in their indigenous AIP development and we look forward so that it can be safely integrated in the Kalvari class submarines .