New Delhi. 27 November 2018.Naval Group participates to the Maritime/ Air System and Technologies (MAST) trade show and will showcase its latest technologies. Naval Group’s presence in Noida near Delhi is key as the group has recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of the subsidiary Naval Group India. Since its creation, its objective is to support the Indian defence industry and Indian Navy to realise the policy of “Make in India” and its self-reliance objectives.
Over ten years of successful partnership between Naval Group and India
 Naval Group India was created in 2008 as a 100%-owned subsidiary of the group to ensure a long-lasting presence in the country, thereby demonstrating the strong commitment to the Indian Navy. This partnership led to the emergence of a strong industrial ecosystem which fosters the indigenous manufacturing of submarines.
The P75 program is an illustration of the successful indigenisation process. The first submarine of the class, INS Kalvari, built by Mazagon Dock and Shipbuilders Limited (MDL) with a transfer of technology, was commissioned on 14 December 2017 in the hands of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. The second submarine called Khanderi launched at the beginning of 2017 is undergoing sea trials and will be commissioned in coming months. The remaining four submarines will be commissioned by 2022-23.
Rear Admiral Rahul Shrawat, Chairman and Managing Director, said on this occasion: “Naval Group is pleased to present its latest innovations at MAST 2018 and is fully dedicated to provide the Indian Navy with the most advanced and adapted technologies. Its subsidiary Naval Group in India is committed to support Indian Navy through indigenous industrial activities and dedicated design , services and maintenance support”’.
Building on Naval Group’s legacy to prepare the future 
As the leading service and system provider, Naval Group is uniquely positioned on the naval defense market allowing its clients to obtain an unparalleled level of overall fleet performance during the whole ship’s lifecycle. On Naval Group’s booth, visitors will discover the state-of-art innovations created for modern navies among which:
The Scorpene® submarine
 The Scorpene® is a 2000 tons conventional-propulsion submarine designed and developed by Naval Group for all types of mission, such as surface vessel warfare, anti-submarine warfare, long-range strikes, special operations or intelligence gathering. Extremely stealthy and fast, it is equipped by 6 weapon launching tubes, 18 weapons (torpedoes, missiles, mines). 14 submarines were sold by Naval Group internationally; the Scorpene® is an essential reference product in the area of modern conventional attack submarines (SSK) for navies across the globe. Six Scorpene class submarines are currently manufactured at Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL) for the Indian Navy with transfer of technology from Naval Group.
 Belharra is the new combat ship for naval supremacy and crisis management designed for navies looking for a compact frigate able to perform a large range of missions, stand-alone or within a task force either for high sea duration missions as for shallow water operation in congested and contested operational environment. As the first digital frigate, Belharra features high level capabilities in anti-air, anti-surface, anti-submarine and asymmetric warfare domains, taking into account French Navy operational legacy acquired in wartime situation.
F21 Heavy Weight Torpedo 
Using state-of-the art technology, the F21 features exceptional performances, fulfilling the stringent French Navy requirements, combining a highly advanced auto-guidance mode allowing the torpedo to perform its mission autonomously, including shallows and confined waters and an unmatched endurance. Equipped with a complete “sonar suite” and an advanced mission system, both with extremely high data processing for a complete and clear tactical picture even against the most sophisticated torpedo defence system, including a high level of discrimination and identification of acoustic counter-counter measures (ACCM). The F21 offers to the submarine the capability to carry out long range engagement while remaining outside the very long detection distance of the modern anti-submarine forces.
Naval Equipment 
Naval Group also offers state-of-art equipment for naval platforms. Among others are sea water heat exchangers, which guarantee cooling performance for inboard systems such as propulsion plants and power generation. The system is shock proof and possesses an embedded leakage detection mechanism. Naval Group’s heat exchanger has been chosen by eight navies around the world and over two hundred units were manufactured for key naval platforms. Naval Group’s SYLVER® Vertical Launching System can accommodate a wide range of missiles and contributes to provide a powerful air defence capability. SYLVER® A70 can fire MdCN missile allowing the warship to carry on deep strike missions. Naval Group also offers long-lasting innovative stealth and shock resistant gearboxes for frontline war ships. Naval Group’s gearboxes are optimised according to a ship’s propulsion system characteristics, thus guaranteeing vessel performances while easing the ship’s general arrangement.