Quepem, Goa. March 29, 2016. Indian company MKU and Russian company JSC Shvabe signed an MOU to manufacture Electro Optical Devices in India, with production facility facilities to be situated in Kanpur, MKU’s headquarters.
MKU is a leading defence manufaAs per the MOU Shvabe will train and assist in setting up of EO manufacturing and servicing unit in India with MKU. Training initially will be given to technical persons from MKU to carry out maintenance and repair of the in-service EO units, which will give a kick start to the JV and later graduating to a full fledged manufacturing unit by mid of 2017.

cturer from India supplying to over 230 forces across 100+ countries, globally and has today entered into a JV with JSC Shvabe.  This JV is not focused only on manufacturing of electro optical devices but also to cater in-service EO equipment with the Indian Army and MOD at large. EO devices from Shvabe are in use by the Indian army forsometime now and many of these devices require upgradation, refurbishment and maintenance to keep up with the changing combat theaters and it’sintense requirements. Specifically, devices on platforms require mission specific upgradation and maintenance. With, emphasis on upgradation in terms of systems and fighting capabilities a lot of stress is on mechanization of the infantry and of-course airborne and naval platforms too are in focus. New acquisition of platform systems shall certainly give birth to requirements of equally modern EO equipment for the mechanized contingent too, which translates to revenue streams from this less known domain for MKU as well as Schvabe.