Untitled-1New Delhi & Goa, India. 22 March, 2016.  BAE Systems’ world-class, battle proven M777 Ultra Lightweight Howitzer, for which India and the United States are in discussions for a Foreign Military Sale for the Indian Army, will take centre stage at the Company’s stand at the ninth edition of DefExpo, India’s premiere Land, Naval and Security exhibition. The Company recently reaffirmed its commitment to Make in India by down-selecting Mahindra and Mahindra as its business partner for the proposed in-country Assembly, Integration & Test facility.

In addition to the M777 Ultra Lightweight Howitzer, the Company’s showcase includes the Archer 155 mm FH 77 BW L52 Self-Propelled Field Howitzer along with a full spectrum of munitions spanning Hyper Velocity Projectile, 81 mm Mortar, 105 mm & 155 mm Artillery Ammunition, 120 mm Tank Ammunition and the 3P Ammo.

Underlining BAE Systems’ capabilities for the naval forces are the world-leadingMk 45 Mod 4 Naval Gun System, a proven, reliable and highly effective automatic 5-inch (127-mm) naval gun system, and the 40Mk4 Naval Gun, an extremely flexible weapon system with its high rate of fire and capability to switch between optimized ammunition types.
Broadsword® Spine®, a revolutionary new wearable technology which incorporates a power and data distribution network suitable for the military, law enforcement and emergency services who need to charge electronic equipment ‘on the move’, will also have pride of place on the BAE Systems stand.
Recognising the ever-increasing importance of cyber in the defence mix, BAESystems will also be showcasing its cyber defence and intelligence capabilities at DefExpo, giving our experts the opportunity to engage with local sector participants and demonstrate our unique set of solutions, systems, experience and processes. These, combined with our Cyber Special forces – some of the most skilled people in the world – enable us to defend against cyber attacks, fraud and financial crime, enable intelligence-led policing and solve complex data problems.

The Hawk advanced jet trainer, with 123 aircraft ordered to date by the Indian Air Force (106) and the Indian Navy (17), will also find prominence on the Stand. In May 2015, BAE Systems and HAL signed a memorandum of understanding which signposted our joint ambitions surrounding the Hawk programme in India. This covered a number of areas for potential future development including an advanced version of Hawk.

Leading the Company’s participation at the show are John Brosnan, Managing Director, India and South East Asia, Dr. Joe Senftle, Vice President and General Manager, Weapon Systems, BAE Systems Inc., and Alistair Castle, General Manager and Vice President, India.

John Brosnan, Managing Director, South East Asia & India, said, “DefExpo is a strategic platform for the Company to demonstrate our commitment to partner India to ‘Make in India’. Our showcase curates a range of capabilities and equipment, every one of which has a Make in India vision. In particular, the Show is an excellent platform for us to strengthen existing partnerships and activate new ones.”

Alistair Castle, Vice President & General Manager, India, added, “The India defence industry continues to build significant capability. As founding partners of defence manufacturing in India, we are excited to participate again in DefExpo and underline our longstanding commitment to sharing technology and capability with Indian industry.”