New Delhi. 15 August 2016. On 03 Aug 15, Lt Cdr Vikash Kumar Narwal was undertaking a check test flight of MiG-29K aircraft (Frame number 802). The aircraft experienced major air frame damage, wherein, the major portion of right flap had sheared off, causing excessive loss of control over the aircraft.  The Emergency happened at base leg turning point at a height of only 1200 feet, which caused secondary damage to right horizontal stabilizer and right rudder. This further caused difficulty in direction maintenance on finals as well as during initial part of landing. Facing a non-standard emergency at low level, the officer, in the face of impending peril, with exemplary professionalism, exhibited quick presence of mind, accomplished the daunting task of handling the emergency and landed the aircraft safely at INS Hansa, with multiple structural damages onboard.

The officer while handling this grave emergency displayed utmost professional competence and utter disregard to his personal safety by choosing not to eject.  The officer through unflinching bravery, stellar devotion to duty and unabating tenacity avoided air crash, thereby averted major catastrophe in the city of Goa and saved lives of numerous civilians in the vicinity of airfield, damage to property and most importantly safety of the fighter aircraft.

Lt Cdr Vikash Kumar Narwal thus displayed courage of exemplary order, conspicuous gallantry and outstanding professionalism with scant regard to the safety of his own life and has therefore been awarded Nau Sena Medal (Gallantry).