Paris. 20 June 2019. Leonardo and PWN Excellence Sdn Bhd (PWNE) are expanding their established partnership in Malaysia for the provision of advanced training services announcing the extension of the Authorised Synthetic Training Centre (ASTC) agreement, currently for the AW139 helicopter, to include AW189 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) services. 

By the end of 2020 PWNE will incorporate a second Level D roll on/off Full Flight Simulator system allowing both AW139 and AW189 pilot training, adding to the existing AW139 FFS, into a newly built facility located Subang Skypark (Subang Terminal Airport), close to Leonardo’s subsidiary in Malaysia which delivers support and training services. 

The introduction of a FFS for the AW189 in Malaysia is a major step forward as the customer base of the most successful helicopter in the all new super medium category grows further across Australasia, representing approximately 20% of all AW189 sales to date. The AW189 has received orders or is already in service in several nations in Australasia including Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Australia, to name a few, to carry out offshore transport, EMS, firefighting and disaster relief missions. This training initiative is consistent with the Industrial Plan of Leonardo which foresees an expansion of services in proximity to its customers across geographies to maximise mission effectiveness and safety of operations. 

“PWNE considers the expansion of the collaboration with Leonardo and the incorporation of a new AW189 FFS as a substantial milestone in the development of its services offering. We are pleased to provide training services to the aviation community to support enhancement of operational safety and efficiency”, said Hazlee Jehan, Chief Executive Officer of PWN Excellence.

 Established in 2012, the Helicopter Training Academy of Leonardo in Malaysia has met the evolving requirements of customers across the region, delivering increasing levels of both pilot and maintenance training , and is a recognized organization by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and other National Civil Aviation Authorities. An AW139 Maintenance Training Simulator (MTS) is also located at the facility as part of its maintenance training service capabilities.

 PWN Excellence Sdn Bhd (PWNE) was appointed as Leonardo Helicopters Authorised Synthetic Training Centre in 2012 and commenced its operations in April 2013, being the first operator in the region of a Full Flight Simulator Level D for the AW139 type. PWNE is a simulator operator duly certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM).