Switzerland. 6 December 2022. The AeroVisto Group is pleased to introduce Jürgen Sehne as the new Managing Director of Complete Aircraft Services GmbH.

Jürgen Sehne
Complete Aircraft Services GmbH (CAS) in Schnaittach will start operations as part of the AeroVisto Group on January 01, 2023. At the same time, Jürgen Sehne (58) will assume the role of Managing Director.

With Jürgen Sehne, a dedicated aviation man becomes Managing Director at CAS. After studying aerospace and industrial engineering in the 90s, Jürgen Sehne worked for several well-known aviation companies, including Dornier, Airbus, Lufthansa, Condor and SWISS. During this time, he gained a great deal of experience in various areas of the aviation industry – from aircraft development, engineering and controlling
to operational planning and production management. In various management positions over the past 25 years, he has already built, led and developed several teams and has profound knowledge of both Commercial Aviation and Private & Business Aviation. As Jürgen Sehne himself explains, his fascination with aircraft cabins began back in the early 2000s. He realized that an aircraft cabin is not only a highly technical construct, but always also a showroom, the most important interface between an aviation company and its customers.

Jürgen Sehne knows both sides of interior refurbishment very well – the perspective of a customer as well as that of a service provider. This is another reason why he sees customer-oriented solutions, the highest level of quality, reliability and adherence to deadlines, as well as a transparent and proactive feedback culture, as an absolute must in order to be able to meet the expectations and needs of the market.

Jürgen Sehne is already looking forward to his new role at Complete Aircraft Services. He will take over the management of a successful and well-organized company and work with an experienced and high-performing team. Thus, from the very beginning, he can focus on leveraging the existing growth potential of CAS and ensuring its further positive development as part of the AeroVisto Group.

Siegi Rauch, founder of Complete Aircraft Services GmbH, and the management of AeroVisto Interior Services AG, will actively support Jürgen Sehne in the performance of his duties. The goal is to make the optimum use of the strengths of two companies that already share the same values. These include innovative solutions, quality, delivery reliability and a sustainable corporate culture.

The market is on the move. The future of aviation remains exciting. As part of the AeroVisto Group, with Jürgen Sehne in management and a high-performance team, Complete Aircraft Services GmbH will be able to secure and expand its place in the industry.

The acquisition of CAS brings together established companies that complement each other’s service portfolios and share the same values and goals. It is the next consequential step in the successive development of the AeroVisto Group, which Hermann Bauer and Carsten Matthiesen started in 2014 with the takeover of AeroVisto, at that time named Maritime Aerospace AG, in Staad/St. Gallen. In the following years, the company was expanded and developed into an innovative and service-oriented company for refurbishment and retrofit projects in business and private aviation.