Madrid, Spain. 22 January 2021. Indra, one of the main global technology and consultancy companies, has recently passed the external assessment process which its industrial processes are subjected to in order to ensure maximum quality and reliability in all the technological systems it develops for the aerospace and defence sectors.

The criticality level of the systems used in these sectors is maximum. They must be both reliable and capable of operating in the most demanding environments and under extreme conditions.

In order to guarantee the highest level of quality to its customers, the company has just obtained the EN 9120 certification and renewed the EN 9100/9110 benchmark standards in the aerospace sector for quality management systems.

It has also renewed the three PECAL certifications (2110/2210/2310) required by NATO for Quality Assurance in the design, development, and software production for suppliers in the aviation, space, and defence sectors.

These certifications are associated to more than ten of Indra’s work centers and their compliance is also required by the Spanish Ministry of Defence and by the main international companies which Indra works with.

This achievement forms part of Indra’s commitment to customer satisfaction and ensures compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements. Moreover, it enables the company to maintain a system that guarantees the most demanding level of quality in each of the projects and operations it develops, as well as being able to adapt to and comply with the expectations.