COLOMBIA. 28 JUNE 2018. CODALTEC of Colombia and Indra, the technology and consulting company, will embark on the development of a cutting-edge air defense system that will meet the Colombian requirements and potentially those of other countries in the region. It is the first system with these characteristics developed in Latin America, as a result of the success of the collaboration between Indra and CODALTEC.

Both companies have worked hand-in-hand since they signed the first cooperation and technology transfer agreement in 2014. This agreement ended last year with a significant achievement after CODALTEC delivered an advanced high-mobility tactical radar, TADER (Tactical Air Defense Radar) to the Colombian Air Force, which had been specially designed to detect aircraft flying at a low altitude. In addition, this is the first military air surveillance radar that has been fully manufactured in Colombia and which will be marketed by CODALTEC in the region.

After this significant achievement, the corporation has chosen Indra again as the best possible partner to take the next step; to become the first Latin American company with the capacity to lead the integration of an air defense system.The project represents a qualitative leap that will contribute to further accelerate the increase of the capacities of the Colombian defense industry, along with all other initiatives of the Grupo Social y Empresarial de la Defensa (Social and Business Group for Defense – GSED), which is clearly the benchmark in the region, and which will strengthen the sovereignty and technological autonomy of the country.

  •  The project represents a major leap forward for the country’s defense industry; CODALTEC, with the support of Indra, will become the only company in the region with the capacity to develop this type of system.
  • The agreement was signed after CODALTEC achieved a great success with Indra’s support: the delivery of a tactical state-of-the-art radar designed and developed by CODALTEC to the Colombian Air Force.
  • Both partners will now embark on the design of command and