• There was no Indian submarine deployed near Karachi waters

New Delhi. 02 December 2016. Pakistan’s claim of tracking Indian submarine in waters near Karachi is all rubbish. “There was no submarine deployed in the area of Pakistani claims. As far as repelling of submarine of any nation goes, it is not an easy task. The claim made by Pakistan navy is totally bogus, ” says Navy chief Admiral Sunil Lanba .

It may be recalled that Pakistan had recently stated in a press release that the submarine was detected south of the Pakistani coast and  despite the submarine’s desperate efforts to escape detection, it was continuously tracked by Pakistan Navy Fleet units and pushed well clear of their waters. To authenticate a  footage and some photographs of the submarine were also released by them.

“Being the largest navy in the IOR and working with like minded nations and navies, we remain acutely aware of our duty to shape a favourable and positive maritime environment in Indian Ocean Region,” said Admiral Lanba.

“We deploy our submarines where we need operational necessity and the need for them to be. We will continue to deploy our submarines,” he added.