29 September 2016. The India Chapter of Women in Aviation International (WAI) celebrated Girls in Aviation Day across the country to celebrate Girls in Aviation Day.

Radha Bhatia Chairperson Bird Group and President WAI (India Chapter) stated, “With the global celebration we aim to empower more and more girls with the requisite skill sets to take aviation as a viable career option. With the successful celebration of the International Girls in Aviation Day I aim to launch a scholarship program for young deserving girls with support from industry and the civil aviation ministry.”

The India Chapter comprises of a group of women professionals from various sectors of aviation. The aim of Girls in Aviation is to further expand the professional curve of girls into hitherto ‘unknown’ sectors of occupations in aviation and aerospace. It promotes forays out of the age-old ‘glamour’ quotient that may encompass airhostesses and pilots.

Neelam Pratap Rudy, Vice President, Women in Aviation International (WAI) India Chapter added, “Celebrating Women in Aviation is set to lead women empowerment in the sphere of Aviation Industry. Personal Inspiration by successful women aviators as role models and mentors can be instrumental in motivation. With Aviation expansion plans in India. I foresee a sharp rise in jobs and women conquering aviation technology and being change agents in the industry.”

What Dr Kalpana Chawla said after her world-first experience “‘what you dream is what you become”, is what the girls in aviation are doing.

Addressing the WAI gathering, Phil Shaw, Chief Executive, Lockheed Martin India stated, “The aviation sector in India offers endless opportunities for women as pilots, engineers, and managers. Women are breaking the traditional moulds and venturing into more adventurous areas. Organizations like Lockheed Martin need to offer our support, recognize their ability to excel and provide them with proper education and training. With the support of organisations like WAI, I believe that more Indian women will continue to reach greater heights in the field of aviation.