New Delhi. 12 June 2019. CYBEREX (Cyber Exercise) conducted by Directorate of Indian Defence University (IDU) with stakeholders on 29-30 Apr 19 has thrown up a multitude of challenges, which the Armed Forces are facing. It was felt that the use of technology in multiple domains including cyber by non-state actors can have a tremendous destructive or debilitating effect on the nation. As a consequence, a need was felt to work towards a synergized response and capacity building to tackle this menace posed by non-state actors and terrorist organisations.

To address the issues holistically, the Directorate of IDU, is organising a two-day workshop on “Exploitation of Technology by Non-state Actors & Building Capacities of Own Forces to Counter the Same” on 12-13 Jun 19 at Purple Bay, Jodhpur Officers’ Hostel, India Gate, New Delhi. The workshop intends to cover exploitation of Technology world over by terrorist organisations, exploitation of Dark Web, State support for hybrid war, narcotics & hawala linkages, challenges in legal provisions, existing capability in exploitation of technology in counter terrorism operations, future trends and way forward by eminent speakers and experts. 

Lt Gen PJS Pannu, Deputy Chief of Headquarters Integrated Defence Staff delivered the introductory address followed by keynote address by Lt Gen PS Rajeshwar, Chief of Integrated Defence Staff. This was followed by talks from eminent speakers from the police, intelligence agencies, industry, academia, think tanks and Services to share their pragmatic knowledge and research on various aspects of Exploitation of Technology by Non-state Actors & Building Capacities of Own Forces to counter the same.