New Delhi. 19 November 2016. 18 BIHAR, 19 BIHAR and 20 BIHAR, were given  Colours at a Presentation Parade held at the Bihar Regimental Centre, Danapur.

General Dalbir Singh, the Chief of the Army Staff presented the President’s Colours to these three young Infantry Battalions.

2-1 Raised in 1941, the Bihar Regiment has won six Military Cross before independence and three Ashok Chakra, two Maha Vir Chakra, 13 Kirti Chakra and numerous other gallantry and distinguished service awards post independence.

A team of paragliders from Para Brigade flew past over the Colour Presentation Parade carrying the National Flag, the Bihar Regimental Flag and a banner signifying the Platinum Jubilee of the Bihar Regiment. Another attraction of the Colour Presentation Parade was the Motor Cycle Display conducted by the DARE DEVILS, the Corps of Signals Motorcycle Rider Display Team.