Geneva. 24 May, 2016.  Honeywell has introduced the latest version of its AvioIP cabin router software, version 3.0. Developed by the company’s Satcom1 asset, the software will improve the in-flight connectivity experience for passengers and aircraft owners by supporting the latest satellite communication technologies, including Inmarsat’s JetConneX.

Honeywell’s cabin router 3.0 software update delivers seamless transitions between multiple networks, enabling passengers to benefit from more reliable in-flight connectivity.

“Business jet passengers’ demand for fast and reliable in-flight connectivity will be a reality with the latest software update, similar to what passengers experience while on the ground in their daily lives,” said Brian Sill, president, Commercial Aviation, Honeywell Aerospace. “As the update is compatible with multiple routers, our customers will have greater flexibility and increased choice in hardware selection, which is unlike built-in systems currently on the market.”

The update includes centralized management of the network so aircraft owners can modify bandwidth depending on traffic usage and user preference. It also gives business jet owners greater flexibility and tighter cost control through individual billings per usage, instead of traditional wholesale aircraft billing.